VirtualCyberSecuritySummit 2020 May 5, 2020 to May 8, 2020, Ottawa, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Keynote David Fraser N/A
Unified LogsPeek behind the curtain, you'll like what you see! Bruce Hunter N/A
Law Enforcement Operations at Uber Nick Pailthorpe N/A
Cyber, Secrecy and the Public Body Dan Michaluk N/A
Keynote: Dark Net? Todd Shipley N/A
MSAB Tanner Bokor N/A
SIM Swap, Investigations, Scope, & Impact Kenrick Bagnall N/A
A Cutting-Edge Platform for Dark Web Investigations Paul Vallee N/A
Legal Updates Related to High Technology Crime Susheel Gupta , Steve Johnston , And Lynda Morgan N/A
Smarter Incident Response When Time is Working Against You Jamie Mcquaid N/A
Keynote Presentation: When cyber criminals go back to their roots: inventory theft through L2 hacking Domingo Elia N/A
Why We Are Losing The War Against Cybercrime Julie Clegg N/A
What’s New at OpenText: Award Winning EnCase Software and Tableau Forensic Hardware Jeff Hedlesky N/A
Cyber Sleuthing - Investigation resources Keith Elliott N/A
Pro's, Con's and How to apply Machine Learning in Digital Investigations Chet Hosmer N/A
Panel Discussion on Incident Response and Threat Hunting Steve Bowers , Mike Davidson , James Phillips N/A
Hold for Truxton Dave Ryberg N/A
CLAW - CybernetIQ's Control Layer Assessment Workstation Joe Cummins N/A
The Law of Electronic Search and Seizure: What the courts, Parliament and others have to say Adam Mauntah N/A
Simple and Cost Effective Data Science for Cyber-security Miguel Garzón N/A