BlueHat 2008 Oct. 14, 2008 to Oct. 15, 2008, Redmond, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Jon Devaan None Security
Crimeware Behind The Scenes Iftach Ian Amit Modern Crimeware is a term coined to describe recent Web-related attacks. In the "old" days ... Security
Investigating Individuals And Organizations Using Open Source Intelligence Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh In this presentation, we will show how the abundance of information on the Internet (using ... Security
Black Ops 2008 Ñ Itís The End Of The Cache As We Know It Dan Kaminsky DNS is at the heart of every networkówhen a Web site is browsed, DNS says ... Security
Css: The Sexy Assassins David Lindsay , Gareth Heyes , Eduardo Vela Nava CSS has many uses and abuses. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) can be used for a ... Security
Visualizing Software Security Richard Johnson Software security research is an ideal area in which to feature information visualization techniques. This ... Security
Probing The Far Corners Of Windows Ñ Using Code Characteristics To Find Security Bugs Ian Hellen This presentation will focus on methods identified as high-risk components that need special attention in ... Security
Threat Modeling @Emc Danny Dhillon Threat modeling is one of the most effective ways to build security into software. When ... Security
Counterpoint: Threat Modeling @Microsoft Adam Shostack Adam will present the Microsoft SDL threat modeling process with newly announced tooling. We are ... Security
Mitigations Unplugged Matt Miller Reliable exploitation techniques for software vulnerabilities have been developed and refined over the past decade ... Security
Concurrency Attacks On Web Applications Scott Stender , Alex Vidergar Modern Web application frameworks are designed for developer productivity and performance. They are highly scalable, ... Security
Fuzzed Enough? When Itís Ok To Put The Shears Down Jason Shirk , Lars Opstad , Dave Weinstein This is a multi-part presentation shared between members of the SWI Tools team, discussing several ... Security
Real World Code Review Ñ Using The Right Tools In The Right Place At The Right Time Vinnie Liu The presenters will provide a thorough and objective review of the benefits, shortcomings, and trade-offs ... Security
Panel Discussion Ñ Waf Vs. Sdl Shootouts Q&A Format Topical Panel Discussion. Arian Evans , Mike Andrews , Nathan Mcfeters , Bryan Sullivan None Security
Bad Sushi: Beating Phishers At Their Own Games Billy Rios , Nitesh Dhanjani This talk will expose the tools and tactics used by the phishing underground. It's really ... Security
Web Browsers And Other Mistakes Alex *kuza55* K Web browsers are becoming almost as complex as operating systems, and just as prevalent, and ... Security
A Resident In My Domain Manuel Caballero , Fukami Do you believe in ghosts? Imagine an invisible script that silently follows you while you ... Security
Unweaving Silverlight From Flash Anonymous New browser plug-in technology needs to be very secure, maybe even more secure than already ... Security
Token Kidnappings Cesar Cerrudo This presentation is about a new technique for elevating privileges on Windows, mostly from services. ... Security
Attacking Antivirus Sowhat This is perhaps the first comprehensive presentation that combines two important topics: how to exploit ... Security
Microsoft Security Grunts Bryan Sullivan In the interest of improving the transparency of Microsoft processes within the security community ó ... Security