BlueHat 2006 Oct. 14, 2006 to Oct. 15, 2006, Redmond, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Skype High Fabrice Desclaux , Kostya Kortchinsky EADS,EADS Skype is a free voice over IP (VOIP) application. This presentation covers the many ... Security
Exploiting Web Applications Caleb Sima SPI Dynamics This talk demonstrated how to defend against common attacks at the Web application ... Security
Can You Build Secure Solutions Built On Microsoft Core Technologies? Alex Stamos , Scott Stender iSEC Partners,iSEC Partners Windows developers depend on the core OS to provide a platform where ... Security
Blue Mist: Wireless Driver Vulnerabilities And Hardware Virtualization Rootkits Dino Dai Zovi , Johnny Cache Matasano Security,hacker for hire With more code auditing being done at the operating system level, ... Security
Current Database Vulnerability Research David Litchfield Next Generation Security Software (NGS) In this presentation David discussed his most recent database research ... Security
Bindiff Analysis Thomas ( Halvar Flake ) Dullien SABRE Security Comparing two executable objects has many different and interesting applications, ranging from ìoffensiveî ... Security
Database Rootkits Alexander Kornbrust Red-Database-Security This talk described new trends in database security. Alexander showed how to transfer common ... Security
Breaking Into Database Systems: The Now, The Then, And The When Kev Dunn Next Generation Security Software (NGS) A database system does not receive as much security scrutiny ... Security
Bitten On The Asp (How Not To Deploy Asp.Net Applications) Hd Moore Rapid 7 This presentation investigated the security flaws present in common ASP.NET deployments. Moore reviewed ... Security
Hacking Search Engines Johnny Long Unaffiliated This talk described the many ways search technologies are being employed by users with ... Security
I-Worm.Fuzzer: A New Kind Of Virus Enrique Sanchez Yaguarete Security Most viruses have a hard-coded way of interacting with networks and vulnerabilities and ... Security