Notacon 1 April 16, 2004 to April 19, 2004, Cleveland, USA
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote #1 Richard Forno A leading industry technologist, Mr. Forno is an expert in information assurance program development and ... Security
Through The Magic Mirror: Reflections On Photography, A Short Skewed History Alexander Aitken Using a series slides, Mr. Aitken will present a light hearted presentation demonstrating some of ... Security
Pornography For Engineers Tanner Beck , G8 Synopsis for Pornography for Engineers The project is meant to visually explore the aesthetic surrounding ... Security
Digital Music Production Techniques Joe Caputo Joseph Caputo has been studying music since the age of 4. He has performed with ... Security
Selinux And Mac Matthew Fanto I will be speaking on SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) and mandatory access controls. What is SELinux? ... Security
30 Years Of Digital Art: A Personal Highway Experience Laurence Gartel , Gartel Museum Photoshop Workshop Mr. Gartel is considered to be the "FATHER" of the Digital Art movement ... Security
Amateur Radio: An Introduction And Assorted Topics. Jeff Goeke-smith A background in networking technology and a desire to learn about radio lead Jeff to ... Security
Homunculus: The Whys And Wherefores Of Tcp With Spoofed Ips Lurene ( pusscat ) Grenier , Seth Hinze Homunculus is a tool which allows for the simulation of large bot nets. This can ... Security
Musical Recording Technique And Practice Henry James A hodge-podge collection of information that appeals to anyone who enjoys learning. The talk will ... Security
Posterity: The Mailing List Is The Archive Paul Jarc posterity is a work in progress, aimed at providing another messaging-forum mechanism, as an alternative ... Security
Practical Web Based Multimedia Content Management Systems. Matt Joyce Matt will be discussing his development efforts on an open source multimedia content management system. ... Security
A Patriot Act, And Its Implications On Network Security And Technology, Privacy, And Small To Medium Sized Businesses Rajeev Khurana Rajeev is a research and policy analyst staffer at ACLU Ohio and has worked extensively ... Security
Hi-Fi And Loudspeakers From High-End To Diy Darren Kuzma Long time audio enthusiast, medium-time audio professional, currently working as a product manager at a ... Security
"There'S Many A Slip 'Twixt The Screen And The Disc" Josh Landau He does work at Motorola. He doesn't work on cellphones. He has never worked on ... Security
Ethics Of The Hacker Dave Lauer None Security
The Slashdot Backend For Drooling Idiots Timothy Lord Tim Lord has posted more than 8,000 submissions to the Slashdot homepage, currently lives in ... Security
Properties, Methods And Development Of Brain-Computer Interfaces Duncan Lowne Duncan Lowne is a software engineer at Cleveland Medical Devices, a Cleveland-based biotechnology research and ... Security
Distributed Encrypted File Journaling And Messaging - A Community Effort Todd Macdermid Todd MacDermid is a serial open-source security software author and speaker, and a member of ... Security
Cleveland Honeynet Project Bill Mathews Bill has been working on and writing open source applications for nearly 10 years in ... Security
High-Powered Style Getting Friendly With (X)Html Eric Meyer Synopsis for High-Powered Style The Web has long suffered from two fallacies: that compelling sites ... Security
Libdnet, Libpcap, And Libnids: Write Your Own Damn Tools! Jose Nazario None Security
100 Years Of The Computer Art Scene Jason Scott , Rad Man Since the first time that machines could calculate, people have twisted, modified, hacked and played ... Security
Is Privacy An Illusion? Michael Tetreault Every day, we leave digital footprints wherever we go. Whether we're buying gas, groceries, or ... Security
Frustrating Os Fingerprinting With Morph Kathy Wang Since Digital got broken up by Compaq and Intel, Kathy has focused on the software ... Security
Computer Security As A Negative Experience Good Rick Wash One problem with most computer security is that its successes are transparent, but its failures ... Security