Notacon 2 April 16, 2005 to April 19, 2005, Cleveland, USA
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Notacon Big-Book-O'-Fun, Us Copyright History And Creative Commons Dan Bjorklund A brief introduction to U.S. Copyright law and the Creative Commons license. A history of ... Security
Asterisk, Voip For The Masses Gregory Boehnlein Asterisk, VoIP For The Masses is an introduction to the Asterisk Open-Source PBX and VoIP ... Security
Gaming And Simulation At Case: Learning By Doing (And Playing!) Marc Buchner , Christian Miller This talk will describe the Virtual Worlds Laboratory, a new high-performance gaming simulation lab opening ... Security
C64 Rip (Revival In Progress) Zach Campbell It is now 2005, more than 20 years after the c64 has been released. Most ... Security
Creating Music Digitally. Part 2. Joe Caputo Modern computer hardware and software have advanced the capabilities of audio production in countless ways, ... Security
Cyberterrorism Andrew Colarik After the September 11th attacks, the U.S. government has systematically instituted programs to provide information ... Security
Linux-Based High Availability Infrastructures David Coulson Linux-based High Availability Infrastructures: An introduction into the world of low-cost, high ROI network environments ... Security
Patterns In The Media And The Fark Backend Drew Curtis Drew Curtis will give us his account of how technology turned his daily list of ... Security
Our Typewriter Plays "Donkey Kong", Or, The History Of The Coleco Adam And Its User Community Rich Drushel The Coleco ADAM was one of dozens of interesting microcomputer architectures that were developed during ... Security
Community Radio Broadcasting James Eastman Want to be a radio broadcaster without selling your soul to Clear Channel? While pirate ... Security
Recent Attacks Against Hash Functions Matthew Fanto In recent months, a large amount of research into the security of cryptographic hash functions ... Security
The Changing Face Of Security Analysis: Community-Based Security Informatics Richard Forno This presentation will examine the dichotomy between the traditional secrecy-based and more modern community-based methods ... Security
Amateur Radio Topics Jeff Goeke-smith Amateur radio is a wide field full of interesting communication systems to play with. Communications ... Security
Walking Before We Run: How Logy Is Inspiring Progress In Ai Eldan Goldenberg , Sean Psujek Computers may be outstanding tools for processing data, but they still require constant human oversight ... Security
Open Source Entrepreneurialism Nick Hanek , Micah Waldstein Write software, Give it away, ...Profit. It is possible to build a successful business by ... Security
Photoshop This... Gimp That: A Stylish Presentation Corey Houston , Jeff Peckham Jeff and Corey will be showing the basic aspects of graphic design using both free ... Security
Security & The Cots Vendor - An Attempt At Getting One To Understand The Other Irishmasms Deciding on a proposal for the annual vendor's users group conference, I chose to fulfill ... Security
Slashpackage : Not As Scary As It Looks Paul Jarc Software installation is a rich source of troubles: how do we keep from clobbering other ... Security
The Batmud Community - A Biased Study In Running Large Global Communities On The Internet Niklas Lindroos , Christopher Ragusa The presentation will provide the audience with a brief introduction to MUDs, followed by a ... Security
Defjam To Cutlass - One Year After Kathy Wang , Todd Macdermid , Jack Lloyd One year ago, at the first Notacon, the Cutlass project was born as a cooperative ... Security
The Construction Of S5; Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Dom Eric Meyer Humanely Wielding a Clue By Four: Reflections on Managing a Massive Mailing List for "The ... Security
Software Testing: The Bleeding Edge! Melinda Minch This talk is for anyone who is curious about the state of software testing research ... Security
Rss Clustering Jose Nazario The rapid growth of RSS feeds, both in production and in reading, has facilitated the ... Security
"Show Me Your Boobs!" And Other Subtleties Of Building A Highly Interactive Personal Community Stephanie Pakrul More than just the evolution of over the years, but a look at the ... Security
It Innovation Bruce Petro Innovation is in the news and is a cornerstone for the growth of many companies ... Security
The Evolution Of A Tune: My Process Of Arranging And Composing In A Home Studio Jerry C. Rockwell Introduction: This is a musical performance and demonstration which will consist of me playing electric ... Security
Sploit-Dev: A Hands On Intro To Coding Exploits Nyc 2600 Hacking can cover a wide range of loosely related technical and not so technical pursuits. ... Security
Onecleveland Mark Ansboury , Scot Rourke OneClevelandPerhaps one of the handiest frameworks for PHP. Smarty allows designers to design, and programmers ... Security
Security And The Web Developer Michael Tetreault Web application security is an ever increasingly important part of the overall threat profile. This ... Security
Living On The Edge: The Sources Of Creativity For Security Wizards And Hackers Richard Thieme Creativity can not be commanded but there are plenty of things we can do that ... Security
The Economics Of Information Security Rick Wash Computer and Information security has become a major topic in recent times due to a ... Security
Steering An Art Collective Christian "RaDMan" Wirth The creative process is inherently fluid and changing, but the need to produce a "product" ... Security