ACMConference 2020 July 8, 2020 to July 10, 2020, Virtual, Virtual

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Scaling up Security and Privacy for Wireless Networked Systems Panos Papadimitratos Appearing at an accelerated pace, devices with wireless capabilities are expected to be essentially everywhere. ...
Arm Architecture Security Enhancements Richard Grisenthwaite Richard will talk about the various security features that have been added to the Arm ...
Valkyrie: A Generic Framework for Verifying Privacy Provisions in Wireless Networks Guillaume Cunche N/A
iRyP: A Purely Edge-based Visual Privacy-Respecting System for Mobile Cameras Sencun Zhu , Yuanyi Sun , Shiqing Chen , And Yu Chen N/A
Secure and User-Friendly Over-the-Air Firmware Distribution in a Portable Faraday Cage Johann Heyszl , Martin Striegel , Florian Jakobsmeier , Yacov Matveev , And Georg Sigl N/S
MagicPairing: Apple's Take on Securing Bluetooth Peripherals Jiska Classen , Dennis Heinze , And Felix Rohrbach N/A
Protecting Wi-Fi Beacons from Outsider Forgeries Mathy Vanhoef , And Christina Pöpper , Prasant Adhikari N/A
ivPair: Context-Based Fast Intra-Vehicle Device Pairing for Secure Wireless Connectivity Suman Banerjee , Kyuin Lee , Neil Klingensmith , Dong He , And Younghyun Kim N/A
An Empirical Study of Potentially Malicious Third-Party Libraries in Android Apps Wenrui Diao , Chaoshun Zuo , Shanqing Guo , Chengyu Hu , Zicheng Zhang , And Li Li N/A
Paging Storm Attacks against 4G/LTE Networks from Regional Android Botnets: Rationale, Practicality, and Implications Kaiming Yan N/A
SVM: Secure Vehicle Motion Verification with a Single Wireless Receiver Ming Li , Yanmao Man , Mingshun Sun , And Ryan Gerdes N/A
Analyzing the Attack Landscape of Zigbee-enabled IoT Systems and Reinstating Users’ Privacy Elisa Bertino , Syed Rafiul Hussain , Fabrizio Cicala , Weicheng Wang , And Ninghui Li N/A
GNSS Spoofing Detection via Opportunistic IRIDIUM Signals Gabriele Oligeri , Savio Sciancalepore , And Pietro N/A
BrokenStrokes: On the (in)Security of Wireless Keyboards Gabriele Oligeri , Savio Sciancalepore , And Pietro , Simone Raponi N/A
Acoustic Integrity Codes: Secure Device Pairing Using Short-Range Acoustic Communication Florentin Putz , Flor Álvarez , And Jiska Classen N/A
Spotr: GPS Spoofing Detection via Device Fingerprinting Mahsa Foruhandeh , And Ryan Gerdes , Abdullah Zubair Mohammed , Gregor Kildow , Paul Burges N/A
Peek-a-Boo: I see your smart home activities, even encrypted! Ahmad-reza Sadeghi , Markus Miettinen , Mauro Conti , Amit Kumar Sikder , Hidayet Aksu , Abbas Acar , Hossein Fereidooni , Tigist Abera , And Selcuk Uluagac N/A
Lost and Found: Stopping Bluetooth Finders from Leaking Private Information Jiska Classen , Mira Weller , Fabian Ullrich , Denis Wassmann , And Erik Tews N/A
Truncate after Preamble: PHY-based Starvation Attacks on IoT Networks Stefan Gvozdenovic , Johannes K. Becker , John Mikulskis , And David Starobinski N/A
Fingerprinting Encrypted Voice Traffic on Smart Speakers with Deep Learning Wenhai Sun , Sean W. Kennedy , Chenggang Wang , Haipeng Li , King Hudson , Gowtham Atluri , Xuetao Wei , And Boyang Wang N/A
KRATOS: Multi-User Multi-Device-Aware Access Control System for the Smart Home Patrick Mcdaniel , Engin Kirda , Amit Kumar Sikder , Hidayet Aksu , Z. Berkay Celik , Leonardo Babun , Abbas Acar , And Selcuk Uluagac N/A
ChirpOTLE: A Framework for Practical LoRaWAN Security Evaluation Frank Hessel , Lars Almon , And Flor Alvarez N/A
BaseSAFE: Baseband SAnitized Fuzzing through Emulation Dominik Maier , Lukas Seidel , And Shinjo Park N/A
MAVPro: ADS-B Message Verification for Aviation Security with Minimal Numbers of On-Ground Sensors And Christina Pöpper , Ala' Darabseh , Hoda Alkhzaimi N/A
Practical Operation Extraction from Electromagnetic Leakage for Side-Channel Analysis and Reverse Engineering Pieter Robyns , Peter Quax , Wim Lamotte , Dennis Giese , Mariano Di Martino , And Guevara Noubir N/A
Zigator: Analyzing the Security of Zigbee-Enabled Smart Homes Michael Weber , Dimitrios-georgios Akestoridis , Madhumitha Harishankar , And Patrick Tague N/A
Process Skew: Fingerprinting the Process for Anomaly Detection in Industrial Control Systems Jay Prakash , And Jianying Zhou , Chuadhry Mujeeb Ahmed , Rizwan Qadeer , Anand Agrawal N/A
Security in Terahertz WLANs with Leaky Wave Antennas Chia-yi Yeh , Yasaman Ghasempour , Yasith Amarasinghe , Daniel M. Mittleman , And Knightly N/A
Hacksaw: Biometric-Free Non-Stop Web Authentication in an Emerging World of Wearables Prakash Saxena N/A
Countering Cross-technology Jamming Attack Xin Liu , Wei Wang , Yan Li , Ting Zhu , Zicheng Chi , Yao Yao , And Yanchao Zhang N/A
A Plug-n-Play Game Theoretic Framework For Defending Against Radio Window Attacks Sneha Kumar Kasera , Pruthuvi Maheshakya Wijewardena , Aditya Bhaskara , Syed Ayaz Mahmud , And Neal Patwari N/A
Protecting Location Privacy from Untrusted Wireless Service Providers Keen Sung , Brian Neil Levine , And Mariya Zheleva N/A