ESOC 2020 July 13, 2020 to July 16, 2020, Virtual, Virtual

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Openning Session Saeed Aldawsari N/A
How to secure Remote access, internal IT-processes and IoT in your company or Organisation Paul Marx N/A
Email Security, safety and compliance (in-depth Protection) Maurizio Caltabiano N/A
Information Secuirty Governance, Critical Success Factors Sultan Alghamdi N/A
ICS/SCADA Cyber-Security Threats and Defenses Ahmed Almuaythir N/A
Panel: Cybersecurity Red Team Discussion: What, Why and When? Abdullah Almutairi N/A
Panel: Weapons for Big Data Security Analytics Pedro Varela N/A
Cybersecurity Transformation Program Arwa Alhamad N/A
Next Generation Online Fraud Management Mauro Carducci N/A
Closing the Cybersecurity Skill Gap with Education Diversity Ahmed Shatnawi N/A
Cybersecurity Incident Walkthrough Isa Almutawaa N/A
Mobile Communications: A Threat and an Opportunity Luis Neila N/A
Privileged resources and employees safe and secure. Sascha Fahrbach N/A
How Network Access Control - NAC - finds out about UFOs Hans Diedrich N/A
How to help developers with writing secure code in the DevOps world Matias Madou N/A
Cloud Migration Journey Dalal Alharthi N/A
All-round Application Security Thomas Kohl N/A
Panel: Zero trust model Dr.fatimah Richard N/A
How to develop your monitoring use cases for effective detection and response Shehab Salem N/A
Secure Remote Access using HTML5 Technology & Enterprise Level Sync and Share Siegfried Plommer N/A
The Power of Machine Learning Trevor Legwinski N/A
BitCube: a light weight IoT encryption algorithm Dr. Khalid Alissa N/A
Measuring the performance of security operation centers Ibrahim Alshamrani N/A
Threats Intelligence Integration & Automation Haithem Babgi N/A
Remote Access – find the right soloution for your specific IT requirements Paul Marx N/A
New email security techniques Rodolfo Saccani N/A
Concepts of Privileged Access Management Przemysław Ciołak N/A
The next-generation fraud management system protecting online Mauro Carducci N/A
Secure Remote Access using HTML5 Technology & Enterprise Grade Sync and Share Solution Siegfried Plommer N/A
Building secure web & mobile applications in 2020 Jerzy Zawadzki N/A
Network Access Control Morteza Norozi N/A
Secure Access Hub including WAF - Web Application Firewall API Security Gateway cIAM - Customer Identity & Access Management 2FA - Two Factor Authentication Urs Zurbuchen N/A
Data-centric security, how to implement it Alberto González N/A
Make your developers the first line of defence for application security Andrew Chaplin N/A
Transform the SOC by reinventing the SIEM Jason Mical N/A
Machine Learning for e-Crime & Cybersecurity for the 20 Trevor Legwinski N/A
Ending Letter Eiyad Alsughayer N/A