CYBERTECHLive 2020 July 16, 2020 to July 16, 2020, Virtual, Virtual

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Do You Trust Your Medical Devices? Itzik Feiglevitch N/A
Executive Panel: Cybersecurity Challenges for the Healthcare Industry Mitchell Brett Parker , Steve Long , Stephanie Helm , Joel Klein , Mark Odom None
COVID 19 From Bust to Opportunity Dr. Ami Appelbaum N/A
A conversation between leaders; Hosted by University of Alabama at Birmingham Health System Joan Hicks , Ryan Allen , Jim Purcell N/A
Startup Presentation Roberto Montelatici N/A
National Cyber Management Around Covid-19 Refael Franco N/A
The European Perspective: Cybercrime and Threats in Healthcare Philipp Amann , Teemupekka Virtanen , Wim Hafkamp N/A
A special one-on-one Harry Kalev N/A