Notacon 3 April 16, 2006 to April 19, 2006, Cleveland, USA
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Temporary Autonomous Zone Aestetix Ever suspect there's more to life than what meets the eye? Or glance at art ... Security
Learn To Play Go B9punk , Mcfly' Europe and the USA: A Comparison and Contrast of Our Hacker Scenes for "Learn to ... Security
Everything I Needed To Know I Learned From Reading Other People'S T-Shirts Dan Bjorklund From podcasts to digital t-shirt printing, a look at the technology driving our ever growing ... Security
Life In A Help Desk Gregory Boehnlein How the ILECs Have F**ked Up the ISP Industry for "Life In a Help Desk" ... Security
Locksmithing Basics Jimmy Chan , Kris Suter Learn the basics of picking locks from the lockpicking champion at Defcon 12! Bring your ... Security
Mobile Honeypots: How To Catch A Laptop Thief Chris Clymer Ricing Out Your Linux Box Mobile Honeypots: How to Catch a Laptop Thief You bought ... Security
Hajjinets: Running An Isp In A War Zone David A Coughanour Right now I am currently serving in Iraq where I run IT operations for a ... Security
Stupid Media Tricks: Which Will Kill Us All First, The Bird Flu Or Janet Jackson'S Nipple? Drew Curtis , David A Coughanour None Security
Make Your Own Linux Droops My first Linux distro was Slackware and i have always held a fondness in my ... Security
Kryptos And The Da Vinci Code Elonka Dunin In a courtyard at CIA Headquarters stands an encrypted sculpture called Kryptos. Its thousands of ... Security
Producing Music On A Shoestring Budget James Eastman , Micah Waldstein Producing music requires a lot of effort, a lot of time, and a lot of ... Security
Hacking The Research Community Nick Farr One day before the opening of Defcon 9, a group of hackers who wanted to ... Security
How Microsoft Is Going To Die (... And It'S Not Linux) Ryan Fox Microsoft will soon lose its dominance of the PC Desktop. Sure, it has been predicted ... Security
Patch Management In A Windows Environment Jeremy Gaddis With the number of viruses and worms on the loose increasing almost daily, it's now ... Security
A Re-Introduction To Photography Jeremy Allen , Jeff Goeke-smith Last year, I spent an hour trying to convey some basics of terminology and technique ... Security
Building Communities In Self-Destructive Environments Seth Hardy Over the past number of years, I've put in a lot of time developing and ... Security
Hacking Gender - Strategies For Inclusion And Change Leigh ( Hypatiadotca ) Honeywell Why are there so few women in infosec, and more generally in IT and telecom? ... Security
Font Making Fun Corey Houston Corey will be showing how anyone can create their own handmade typeface/letterforms using a variety ... Security
Network Printer Hacking Irongeek This presentation will cover techniques that can be used to control and extract data from ... Security
Collaborative Authorship And Patch Deployment: An Impractical Guide Paul Jarc Why do we believe what we believe? Is accuracy enough to give credibility? What do ... Security
Blended Threat Managment Kn1ghtl0rd I will be introducing blended threat management and explaining it's role in an IT system. ... Security
Hacks For Humanity Jesse Fiedler Krembs Jesse's presentation is a follow on to Nick Farr's about the origins of the The ... Security
Security Audits Using Linux Live Cds Beth Lynn We will explore easy ways that a system administrator can perform a security audit utilizing ... Security
A Decade Of Style Eric Meyer A look back on 10 years of CSS and a glance forward to where things ... Security
Internet Exchanges - Enabling Local Online Communities ? Keith Mitchell My presentation looks at the history and role of Internet Exchanges (IXPs or NAPs) for ... Security
The Rise And Fall Of Payphones And The Evolution Of Phreaking The BellCoreOmnimedia Group 'The Rise and Fall of Payphones and the Evolution of Phreaking' is a glorified timeline ... Security
Encryption For Programmers Riscphree This talk will discuss encryption from a programmer's perspective. Topics will include a beginners rundown ... Security
The Spore (Share Place Open Resource Ecology) Or How To Use Social Networking To Undermine Commodity Based Capitalism. Robbt The Spore is a concept inspired by the prevalence of social networking and an attempt ... Security
5 Minute Photoshop Techniques Gabe Schaffer Learn how to turn snapshots into art with 5 simple steps you can do in ... Security
The Great Failure Of Wikipedia Jason Scott Your Moment of Audio Zen: A History of Podcasts for "The Great Failure of Wikipedia" ... Security
An Introduction To Microsoft Systems Management Server Nathan Sterrett Hacking Hops: How to Brew Your Own Beer for "An Introduction to Microsoft Systems Management ... Security
How To Survive A Federal Investigation Paul Timmins Rather than just yet another boring speech about 802.11b and security, this will be a ... Security