BSidesOklahoma 2020 July 24, 2020 to July 24, 2020, Virtual, Virtual

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: There’s No Playbook for This Jordan Wright N/A
Crypto: 500 BC - Present (sorta) Luke Crouch N/A
When Stress Meets Tech Crux Conception N/A
Basic Controls (1-6) from the CIS Top 20 Aaron Moss N/A
You Need a PROcess to check your running processes and modules. Michael Gough N/A
Don't Get Hacked in 2020 - Top Breach Threats and Breach Prevention Controls Geoff Wilson N/A
99 Panes, but Tmux ain't one. Hacking with Tmux Austin Gossmeyer N/A
Script Your Phishing Mailbox Processing with Powershell & Office 365 Alex Bliskavka N/A
Leveraging Information Leakage & Misconfiguration Nick Harris N/A
Introduction to Application Security Kristopher Wall N/A
It's 2020, so why am I still able to read your pager traffic? Cameron Mac Millan N/A
SQL Injection on Steroids: Going Deep Kristopher Wall N/A
The New Illiteracy in America Dan Strachan N/A
The DevOps Crusade Ochaun Marshall N/A
A Forensic Odyssey Hunter Jones N/A
Privacy as a Service: Exploring the Results of Modern Technology Advances Nathan Sweaney N/A
Mainframe Hackin': Choose Your Own Adventure Phil Young N/A
Proven AI for Security Aaron Crawford N/A
Security Simplified with IdentityServer4 Aaron Ralls N/A
PKI and HTTPS Interception Jimmy The James N/A