Notacon 4 April 16, 2007 to April 19, 2007, Cleveland, USA
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
A Post-Crash Tech Startup? In Ohio? John Bellinger Many geeks dream of ditching the drudgery of a "real job" and striking out on ... Security
Surviving A Network Upgrade Joseph Bender In late 2005, I managed and designed the upgrade of a corporate wide-area network. This ... Security
Spam/Virus/Phishing Gateways Jon Buhagiar My goal is to cover all of the elements of a good spam gateway and ... Security
Lan For Life Charity Events Kel Cecil I would like to share the methodology that we have used when planning and executing ... Security
Cleveland'S Design District Dan Cuffaro None Security
Cross Site Scripting: Myspace.Com Rick Deacon How to exploit Cross Site Scripting holes in, for session hijacking or other means. ... Security
Keynote: Development Of The Creative Economy In Cleveland Michael Dealoia Creativity is rapidly becoming one of the most valuable assets of any business today, and ... Security
Hacking Your Finances Nick Farr Why is it that hackers are notoriously bad at managing their own money? ~ Why ... Security
Diy Green Energy Jim Flock Consider the reduction of daily energy usage in your home or apartment in Cleveland. I ... Security
Secrets Of The Dead Phone Guy The Dankaye In April 2003 at Rubi-con 5, Dan Kivel, aka "Dankaye" gave a profane, intense discussion ... Security
Why Building Hacker Spaces Is Necessary And How To Do It Hacker Foundation Why does Europe have better hacker spaces than we do? Why do US Hacker Spaces ... Security
Online Communities And The Politics Of Ddos Seth Hardy Like meetings in public spaces, online communities often are faced with the problem of policing ... Security
Hacking Headhunters Drew Ivan Recruiters use a variety of tools and processes in their goal of moving talent from ... Security
The Fark Dissertation Kelly Keegan In the past, computers, the Internet and Internet communities have often been disregarded as pointless ... Security
Grid Computing With Alchemi And .Net Kn1ghtl0rd Grid computing is a newer way of processing information in a distributed manor. A lot ... Security
"Open Source Intelligence" -- Data And Patterns On The Www Valdis Krebs Valdis will present his work in "open source intelligence" -- finding interesting data and patterns ... Security
Community Wireless Networking Mark Lenigan Community wireless networking is a proven concept to bring network connectivity to people and places ... Security
8088 Corruption Mobygames Jim Leonard A candidate for Most Stupid PC Trick, 8088 Corruption displays full-motion color video on a ... Security
Notageek: Technology And Everyone Else Michael Mcfarland In the 500 or so years since the scientific revolution, science and technology have become ... Security
Open Source Economic Development Ed Morrison Open Source Economic Development is a set of models, tools and disciplines that enable diverse ... Security
Technology Standards In Education Michael Nugent Google "children algorithm". The search yields mostly pages suggesting that "if children can learn algorithms, ... Security
Squarewave To Heaven: An Introduction To The Chiptune Music Scene Nullsleep An entire generation has now grown up with the likes of Atari, Nintendo, Sega and ... Security
8 Dirty Secrets Of The Security Industry Bruce Potter The fox is guarding the hen house, and both the fox and the hens are ... Security
Technology-Based Kid Tracking - Implications And Risks Enno Rey RFID technology has many (ab-) uses. Amongst them are so called localization services that permit ... Security
Smart Squared / The Power Of Collaborative Innovation Jack Ricchiuto Explore why innovation is more than just push back on the conventional and why the ... Security
Techniques For 4Kb Intro Development William Swanson , Dave Valentine The demoscene emerged from the fusion of art and technical innovation. Nothing quite captures this ... Security
Wikipedia, Brick By Brick Jason Scott Wikipedia, the "Free Encyclopedia that Anyone Can Edit" is now one of the top 20 ... Security
Taking Tracking Mainstream Andrew "Necros" Sega Tracker-based music has been instrumental in providing the audio component of demos since the early ... Security
Telecommunications Q&A Session Paul Timmins Do you have questions about telephony and telecommunications but don't know where to ask? Look ... Security
Allow Me To Demonstrate Andy Voss For the first edition of Blockparty, Notacon regulars will be introduced to demos and the ... Security