ICICS 2020 Aug. 24, 2020 to Aug. 27, 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote I: Protecting Your Critical Infrastructure During a Cyber War Aditya Mathur N/A
Machine Learning based Hardware Trojan Detection using Electromagnetic Emanation Sylvain Guilley , Junko Takahashi , Keiichi Okabe , Hiroki Itoh , Xuan Thuy Ngo , Ritu Ranjan Shrivastwa , Mushir Lejoly N/A
A Machine Learning-Assisted Compartmentalization Scheme for Bare-Metal Systems Xiao sophia Wang , Yazhe Wang , Dongdong Huo , Chao Liu , Mingxuan Li , Peng Xu N/A
Detection of metamorphic malware packers using multilayered LSTM networks Erik Bergenholtz , Emiliano Casalicchio , Dragos Ilie , Andrew Moss N/A
Profile Matching Across Online Social Networks Anisa Ayday N/A
A Compact Digital Signature Scheme Based on the Module-LWR problem Kazuhide Fukushima , Atsushi Takayasu , Hiroki Okada , Shinsaku Takagi N/A
Tree-based Ring-LWE Group Key Exchanges with Logarithmic Complexity Hector Miyaji N/A
CoinBot: A Covert Botnet in the Cryptocurrency Network Tao Wang , Qixu Liu , Jie Yin , Xiang Cui , Chaoge Liu N/A
A Symbolic Model for Systematically Analyzing TEE-based Protocols Yan Zhang , Shiwei Xu , Yizhi Zhao , Zhengwei Ren , Lingjuan Wu N/A
New Practical Public-Key Deniable Encryption Fangguo Zhang , Yanmei Cao , Chongzhi Chen N/A
A Blockchain Traceable Scheme with Oversight Function Tianjun Ma , Haixia Li N/A
Blind Functional Encryption Adel Hamdi , Sebastien Laguillaumie N/A
Lattice HIBE with Faster Trapdoor Delegation and Applications Guofeng Qiu N/A
Attributes affecting user decision to adopt a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app Daisuke Miyamoto , Youki Kadobayashi , Angela Sasse , Nissy Sombatruang , Michelle Omiya N/A
rTLS: Lightweight TLS Session Resumption for Constrained IoT devices David Howard , Koen Tange , Travis Shanahan , Stefano Pepe , Xenofon Dragoni N/A
PiDicators: An Efficient Artifact to Detect various VMs Qingjia Huang , Haiming Li , Yun He , Jianwei Jia N/A
HCC: 100 Gbps AES-GCM Encrypted Inline DMA Transfers between SGX Enclave and FPGA Accelerator Soham Desai , Luis Kida , Alpa Trivedi , Reshma Lal , Vincent Ghosh N/A
Keynote II: End-to-end verifiable e-voting for real-world elections Feng Hao , University Of Warwick N/A
Information-Theoretic Security of Cryptographic Channels Marc Fischlin , Felix Muth N/A
Client-oblivious OPRAM Gareth T. Davies , Christian Martin N/A
The Influence of LWE/RLWE Parameters on the Stochastic Dependence of Decryption Failures Georg Maringer , Tim Sepulveda N/A
One-Time, Oblivious, and Unlinkable Query Processing over Encrypted Data On Cloud Meng Li , Yifei Chen , Shuli Zheng , Donghui Hu , Chhagan Conti N/A
A New General Method of Searching for Cubes in Cube Attacks Lei Wang , Dawu Gu , Lin Ding , Chenhui Jie N/A
A Love Affair Between Bias Amplifiers and Broken Noise Sources George Teseleanu N/A
Towards real-time hidden speaker recognition by means of fully homomorphic encryption Martin Zuber , Sergiu Sirdey N/A
Cryptanalysis of the Post Quantum Multivariate Signature Scheme Himq-3 Jintai Ding , Zheng Zhang , Joshua Wang N/A
Statically Dissecting Internet of Things Malware: Analysis, Characterization, and Detection An Wang , Afsah Anwar , Hisham Alasmary , Jeman Park , Songqing Mohaisen N/A
Analysis of Industrial Device Architectures for Real-Time Operations under Denial of Service Attacks Florian Fischer , Matthias Niedermaier , Thomas Hanka , Peter Merli N/A
A Variational Generative Network Based Network Threat Situation Assessment Hongyu Yang , Renyun Zeng , Fengyan Wang , Guangquan Zhang N/A
A Hardware in the Loop Benchmark Suite to Evaluate NIST LWC Ciphers on Microcontrollers Sebastian Renner , Enrico Mottok N/A
Experimental Comparisons of Verifiable Delay Function Qianhong Wu , Bo Qin , Zihan Yang , Wenchang Liang N/A
Attacks on Integer-RLWE Alessandro Budroni , Benjamin Franch N/A
A Family of Subfield Hyperelliptic Curves for Use in Cryptography Abhijit Das , Anindya Ganguly , Dipanwita Mehta N/A
Leakage-Resilient Inner-Product Functional Encryption in the Bounded-Retrieval Model Linru Zhang , Xiangning Wang , Yuechen Yiu N/A
Anonymous End to End Encryption Group Messaging Protocol Based on Asynchronous Ratchet Tree Kaiming Chen N/A