Notacon 5 April 16, 2008 to April 19, 2008, Cleveland, USA
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
E-Drugs, Pokemon, And The Bhodi Tree: Building A Hardware And Software Environment For Wireheading Ab3nd People have been hacking their brains for years, mostly without realizing it. As technology improves, ... Security
Zen And The Art Of The Turing Machine Aestetix The fight of art versus engineering Has inspired many passions to date. Computers, conceived by ... Security
Bagcam - How Did Tsa And/Or The Airlines Manage To Do That To Your Luggage? Algormor Ever wonder exactly how TSA or the airlines managed to destroy your luggage, or what ... Security
Hacking Habitation: A Computer Nerd'S Guide To Diy Construction Jeremy Anderson You build your own DVRs, mailservers and webservers, so why would you trust someone else ... Security
Creating Something Some People Want But May Not Know It Jon Broadwell Have an idea? How do you turn it into something other people want? This presentation ... Security
Automated Psychedelia : Translating Sound Into Color And Motion Tim Cowley If you've always wanted to know how to create programs that simulate the neurological disorder ... Security
Creator Fark.Com, Author Drew Curtis Creator of and author of It's Not News, It's Fark: How Mass Media Tries ... Security
Permanent Records - Managing Electronic Identities In An Increasingly Paranoid World Dead Addict The idea of a permanent record is one that lasts throughout your life. As a ... Security
Cleveland Technology Icon Michael Dealoia None Security
The Nightmare Filesystem Jon Devree NFS is the standard method of sharing file on UNIX but it has many security ... Security
To Boldly Go Where No Broadband Has Gone Before. Mark ( nuintari ) Doner The rural market has been completely neglected by the massive DSL and Cable providers. The ... Security
Lock Picking Into The New Frontier: From Mechanical To Electronic Locks Dosman We will start with a brief introduction to demonstrated lock picking fundamentals moving quickly towards ... Security
Circuit-Bending Will Get You Laid!! (Maybe) Pete Edwards , Fred Owsley Circuit-Bending is the art of taking things apart, putting them back together, and ending up ... Security
Cpu Not Required: Making Demos With Fpgas Jeri Ellsworth In the endless battle to make your demo quicker, more impressive and yet still balance ... Security
Art Behind Enemy Lines: A Target-Rich Environment The Fat Man In the first five minutes of his talk, Fat will define Art once and for ... Security
Editor: 2600 Magazine Emmanuel Goldstein Emmanuel is the editor of 2600 Magazine and also the host of the weekly radio ... Security
New Media Art: Dropping Humanity In Non-Places Nate Graham How can art and technology collide to add humanity to a world increasingly filled with ... Security
Your Circuits, Let Me Help You Bend Them Sam Harmon Do you build or circuit-bend your own instruments? Have some awesome techniques for your favorite ... Security
Hick Tech: The Rural Technology Experience Emma Hogbin HICK Tech is a new way of thinking about how technology affects communities and how ... Security
Internets As Serious Business: Academic And Journalistic Perspectives On Net Culture Leigh ( Hypatiadotca ) Honeywell , Kate Raynes-goldie From cat macros to the sociology of facebook vs. myspace, journalists and academics are starting ... Security
Wasn'T Hypercard Cool? Drew Ivan HyperCard was a category-crossing software authoring tool that was far ahead of its time. It ... Security
Fm Synthesis - Beyond The Adlib Jake Kaufman Like Silly Putty, potato chips, and penicillin, FM synthesis was a delightful accident. It was ... Security
Self-Preservation Mode: Lessons Learned While Archiving Demoscene History Jim Leonard To stay ahead of the curve, demos have always used hardware to the fullest extent ... Security
Beyond The Blue "E" Horizon Eric Meyer Thanks to a five-year hiatus between IE6 and IE7 and the minimal advances in new ... Security
Is Privacy A Lost Cause? David Mortman These days it seems like we've lost our entire right to privacy; RealID is giving ... Security
Protecting Your Personal Information Nexus As the internet expands the concept of privacy becomes more and more of a issue. ... Security
Curious Perversions In Information Technology Alex Papadimoulis None Security
Physics Of Radio And Wireless Networking Panel Discussion Physics Panel Most hackers tend to focus on the intricacies of hardware, software, networks or algorithms. However, ... Security
Data Loss Protection - Hope Or Hype? Enno Rey , Angus Blitter To lose control over one's own data is one of the primal fears of the ... Security
Now And Then, Here And There: Editing Jason Scott The problems of having access to information have shifted - from too little we now ... Security
Exploit-Me Series: Firefox Plug-Ins For Application Penetration Testing Dan Sinclair , Sahba Kazerooni The cost of fixing bugs is drastically reduced in the development stage compared to production. ... Security
Current Election Technologies And How To Improve Smoke , Phreak This presentation will cover the current voting technologies from touch screens to optical scanners. We ... Security