CopenhagenCyberCrime 2020 Sept. 14, 2020 to Sept. 16, 2020, Virtual, Virtual

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Pandemic’s Pandemic; How Cybercriminals Continue to Leverage COVID-19 Jan Kaastrup N/A
Bisonal: 10 Years of Play Paul Rascagneres N/A
Mining Mayhem: The Fallout of EternalBlue Gabor Szappanos N/A
How to Deal With a Major Ransomware Attack; Key Insights and Learnings From the Real World Rasmus Rasmussen N/A
Protecting What Matters Anna Borgström N/A
Forensic Automation Using Open Source Tools Kristinn Gudjonsson N/A
Should You Negotiate With IT-Criminals and If So, How? Michael Kaastrup N/A
Setting New Standards in Cybersecurity & Ethics, Denmark’s New Scheme for Trustworthy Use of Data Mikael Jensen N/A
Fishing Elephant, or How to Build a Cloud-Based APT Maciej Kotowicz N/A
Malware and Cybercrime in Medical IoT Axelle Apvrille N/A
The Ex-Robotos BEC Scam Investigation Peter Kruse N/A
Fraud Prevention: The Future Is Cyber-Threat Intelligence. We Really Can Do a Whole Lot Better! Jason Westerhaus N/A
The Spoon Problem with: Life, Hacking & InfoSec Jayson E. Street N/A
How Does a Reshipping Mule Operation Work? Brian Bame N/A
Panel discussion - The Age of the Metaverse: What It Means and Its Implications for Cybersecurity N/a N/A
Breach Notifications - How to Prepare for the Worst and Set Your Business up for Success Katherine Carpenter N/A
Blind Spots of Threat Intelligence: Hardware and Firmware Challenges Alex Matrosov N/A
Our Top 5 Cyber Trends and Predictions for the Year Ahead: What Companies Need to Prioritize Peter Kruse N/A