Notacon 6 April 16, 2009 to April 19, 2009, Cleveland, USA
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
How To Give Talks And Influence Organizers - Propaganda Aestetix You have something cool; how do you spread the word and get people interested? What ... Security
From A Black Hat To A Black Suit - The Econopocalypse Now Edition James Arlen You want it all. But you're scared. You don't want to put on a suit ... Security
Injection Rejection, Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Bobby Tables Catfood Security pros are familiar with the well-known SQL Injection and Shell Injection attacks. But more ... Security
Time To Replicate The Real Threat: Client Side Penetration Testing Chris Gates , Vince Marvelli Client Sides are the new remote exploit. If you aren't allowing client side attacks during ... Security
The State Of Apple Security Chris Clymer Common wisdom is that Macs are magically malware proof. Few users run antivirus, HIDS, and ... Security
Hacking Video Tutorial Tips: Getting The Point Across With Screencasting Computer Videos Adrian Crenshaw Over the years I've done a lot of video tutorials on using screencasting software to ... Security
The Artware Development Environment Artware Environment Critical Artware Three members of the criticalartware crew will demonstrate and explain the technical, aesthetic, psychedelic and ... Security
The Long Slow Death Of Mainstream Media (No Really): How We Got Here Drew Curtis It's not a dream, a hoax, or an imaginary story - mainstream media is indeed ... Security
Interactivity With Arduinos, Transducing The Physical World Droops , Morgellon The Arduino is an open source microcontroller development board that makes it easy for beginners ... Security
The Rise Of The Autobots: Into The Underground Of Social Network Bots Tom Eston How do you know that last friend request or Twitter follower was an actual live ... Security
Going Hd Without Going Insane Frysteev High Definition has become commonplace in the consumer world, but if you think the confusion ... Security
Bridging The Gap Gargaji , Conspiracy Organizing a party is a tricky task. Organizing a party in a different country is ... Security
Fun With The Msp430 Mcu Travis Goodspeed Learn how to build things--and break things--with the MSP430 microcontroller. Covers reverse engineering, Zigbee, infrared, ... Security
Hacking Light - How We Came To Love Holga And Other Stories Of Photo Hijinx Jeon Almost Everyone has a camera. But how many of you have done anything but turn ... Security
Fast-Track: Advanced Penetration Techniques Made Easy David Kennedy Advanced penetration testing techniques are often thought of as taking large amounts of knowledge and ... Security
Hacking The Asus Wl-520Gu Wireless Router Jeff Keyzer The Asus WL-520gU is a compact, inexpensive wireless router that can be had for as ... Security
The Uses Of Disorder: Chaos Theory As It Relates To Demos Mark Lenigan , Kirk Lenigan Fractal graphics have been a part of the visual toolkit of the Demoscene for years ... Security
"Pilates" For Common Cubicle Injuries Michele Martaus People suffer from many common posture problems as a result of office work. We are ... Security
Immersive Video: Photogrammetry In Game Development Steve Mokris , John Bowditch By utilizing recently developed technologies such as 360-degree photography and immersive video, our team can ... Security
The Strange And Creepy World Of Brain Fingerprinting Ne0nra1n Imagine a world in the future where your thoughts could be used against you to ... Security
Notacon Mythbusters: Is Personal Data Stored On Hotel Keys? Using Magstripe Analysis Tools To Discover The Answer Matthew Neely For years emails and rumors have circulated that personal information such as credit card numbers, ... Security
The World Of Free Book Publishing Rob "Flack" O'hara Despite an increasingly digital world, there will always be a place for the printed word. ... Security
Hacking And Amateur Radio--Consumer Telecommunications Is For Noobs Christopher Pilkington The idea of venturing into amateur radio seems ridiculous given the current economic conditions, and ... Security
Wizzywig: Hacking Out A Graphic Novel Ed Piskor Ever wonder what goes into making a graphic novel? Curious about the specific challenges involved ... Security
Building, Securing, And Living With Game Servers Bruce Potter Running a game server can be a crazy experience. As online games become more popular, ... Security
Wii-Noises Trevor Reiter Video games that let players emulate musical instruments are a dime-a-dozen. The Wiimote is a ... Security
The Fat Man And Circuit Girl: Live! Jeri Ellsworth , Fat Man , Circuit Sanger At last year's Blockparty, Jeri Ellsworth and George Sanger, both Blockparty speakers, met for the ... Security
Super Jason Scott Presentation 64 Jason Scott In some ways, time has given more perspective on the release of Super Mario 64 ... Security
Programming The Sega Genesis For Mad Profit And Crazy Mad Profit Sigflup , Luis Corrons Learn about how to program the Sega Genesis from setting up a compiler environment to ... Security
Hacking Cognition Tottenkoph As a result of the constant high stressed, sleep-deprived, and malnourished state of being that ... Security
Pennies, Pawn Shops, And Persistence: The Creative Process On A Budget Valanx The purpose of this presentation is to inspire others to use what is around them ... Security
Intro To Go Jason Viers A presentation aimed to introduce people to the amazing game Go. It is the oldest ... Security