BSidesCopenhagen 2020 Sept. 18, 2020 to Sept. 19, 2020, Virtual, Virtual

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Infosec: No Straight Roads to get here John Strand N/A
Murders, Scams, and Cold Cases: The Use of OSINT Techniques to investigate Crime Rae Baker N/A
Windows & Sysmon Events visualization using Neo4j & Python Anastasios Chatziefstratiou N/A
Security Nudging - How to nudge your users towards a more secure behaviour Sarah Aalborg N/A
Be careful what you OSINT with Matthias Wilson N/A
Get Basics Done Gavin Ashton N/A
Hacking like Paris Hilton 14 years later - and still winning! Per Thorsheim N/A
The other side of Bug Bounty and Responsible Disclosure Catalin Curelaru N/A
Active Directory Tiering: Minimizing your credential footprint Nichlas Falk N/A
Skirting the Edge: A novel Out of Band technique for data exfiltration Nicklas Sternberg N/A
Dump Me If You Can: Malware Hide and Seek with Obfuscation Lindsay Kaye N/A
Using Machine Learning to categorize malware Martin Sbirna N/A
Fake Ciscos and what makes them tick Dmitry Janushkevich N/A
Organizational Asset Discovery & Recon with OWASP Amass Nick Gkogkos N/A
Next lvl stalker ware Cecilie Wian N/A
TIBER-EU and Lessons Learned Yorgos Liassas N/A
0-day Market - The good, bad and ugly Adriel Desautels N/A