HoustonCyberSummit 2020 Oct. 20, 2020 to Oct. 20, 2020, Virtual, Virtual

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Bob Moore , Adrian Garcia N/A
State of Cyber Hygiene Peter Thomas N/A
Cybersecurity Leadership Discussion Phil Verma N/A
Cybersecurity for the Board of Directors George Crawford , Elizabeth Rogers , Mary Colvin N/A
How to Build a Competitive Cybersecurity Program Pierluigi Stella , Jesse Carrillo , Phil Beckett , Andy Sawyer , Jason Haward-grau , Paul Huttenhoff N/A
Taking a Deep Dive into State and Local Cybersecurity Needs Elizabeth Rogers , Elaine Nicholson , Michael Wyatt , Daniel N/A
The Next Generation of Cybersecurity Leaders Anthony Ambler , Stan Napper , Sean Otmishi , Tom Winn , Kimberly Hubbard , Louanne Harvey N/A
Regional Cybersecurity Overview Jack Hanagriff , Charity Dominguez , Theresa Blackwell , Greg Madden N/A
IoT Tsunami: Is Your Business Prepared for Dealing with the Wave of Edge Connected Devices? Wayne Gulyas N/A
Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations Update – organized by ISAO Standard Organization Greg White , Mary Dickerson , Vic Malloy , Steve Brown , Tahjar Roamartinez , Daniel Hankins N/A
Incident Response Consideration and Case Studies: Impacts to Your Organizations - organized by Texas Department of Information Resources Daniel Hankins N/A
Healthcare Security and Privacy Considerations in a Post Pandemic Era Deepak Chaudhry , Beverly Vinson N/A
How To Show the Value of Your Cyber Security Strategy Rick Peters , Jim Kelly , Roger Lee , Andres Ruz , Owen Cheney N/A
Who Besides You Says So? The Benefits of Certification Andy Sawyer N/A
Incident Response Mel Huttenhoff N/A
Houston’s Startup Ecosystem & Cybersecurity Harvin Moore , Amit Dupont N/A
Information Systems Audit, Control, and Privacy – organized by ISACA Ted Sherrill , Harvey Nusz , Peter Thomas N/A
Securing Patient Records Phil Beckett , Mark Holliday , Leanne H. Field , Julie Rennecker , Joe Moreno N/A
Cyber Pitch – Organized by Hatch Pitch Greg Wright , Mariam Jacob , Kate Baucherel , Rahul Sood , Sue Jain , Richard Munassi N/A