BSidesCalgary 2020 Nov. 12, 2020 to Nov. 13, 2020, Virtual, Virtual

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Keynote Keenan Skelly N/A
Think Global, Act Local in OT Security Rick Kaun N/A
Designing an Effective Security Operations Strategy with a DevSecOps Mindset Sean Weiss N/A
The Trouble With Ransomware Shelly Giesbrecht N/A
Developing a holistic approach to threat hunting: Welcome to the jungle Richard Rowlandson N/A
Closing Keynote: BSides Calgary 2020 Lee Holmes N/A
So, What's The Risk? Tim Mccreight N/A
Security Speed Dating Stephen Mathezer N/A
Fakes Aren't Funny: Urgent Business Issues in Image Fakery Thomas Keenan N/A
Implementing Effective CyberSecurity Awareness Sherifat (ojo) Akinwonmi N/A
Exploring Common Hacking Techniques Scott Taylor N/A
Automation in the SOC - Everyone is ready, everyone can afford it Nick Mckerrall N/A
Becoming more intimate with Exploit Kits Mike Carlson N/A
The Clutter That's Choking AppSec Rahul Raghavan N/A
Stay Classy - Class Object Model Nigel Weber N/A
Using Biometrics (Gait) for Security Applications Noor Abid N/A
Powershell Threat Hunting Recipes Nathan Dolan N/A
Hunting bad guys that use Tor in real time Milind Bhargava N/A
Anxiety Society: My Struggle With Mental Health In The Cybersecurity Industry Michael Spaling N/A
How to build a Security Operations program Kyle Howson N/A
How to successfully transition from IT generalist to Penetration Tester Kurt Pomeroy N/A
Keynotes: AMA N/a N/A
How to pick a pocket James Harrison N/A
Architecting for Security in the Cloud Josh Sokol N/A
Security can do better: Think Security Architecture Jason Maynard N/A
Keeping up with the Jones’s and other APT threats Kenneth Inkster N/A
The Future of Destructive Malware Greg Foss N/A
From Print Spooler to Kerberos Silver Tickets Evil Mog N/A
So You Are Comparing a WAF and RASP? David Lindner N/A
Ransomware analysis by using Machine Learning Classifiers and FLARE VM Bhupinder Kaur N/A
Securing Kubernetes Clusters in the Cloud Amiran Alavidze N/A
Malware Analysis for Incident Response Aj Leece N/A
How to Build a Culture of Cybersecurity Awareness Agustin Del Vento N/A
There is no security skills shortage! Aarti Gadhia N/A