CISOForumCanada 2020 Nov. 9, 2020 to Nov. 13, 2020, Toronto, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Keynote | Open Cybersecurity Alliance - Open Security - From Patchwork to Platform Jason Keirstead We are at the pinnacle of innovation for security. Yet, Security leaders today are stressed ...
Best Practices for Adopting an Effective Zero Trust Strategy Michael Ball , Bil Harmer , Alkin Gorgun , Nicolas Khoubbieh N/A
Keynote | Understanding the Aftermath of a Cyber Attack Matthew Balcer , Priya Thallamudi , John Pinard , Kalyan Chakravarthy N/A
Ensuring Efficiency in Compliance: Is it an Uphill Battle? Cat Coode , Adriana Gliga-belavic , David Craig , Curtis Blais , Chetan Raithatha N/A
KPI's & KRI's for Security Governance in the Post Pandemic World Danny Sutantyo , Kashif Parvaiz , Maggie Calle N/A
vCISO: Success Stories Michael Castro , Michael Ball , Donna Gallaher , Farooq Naiyer N/A
Opening Keynote | Cybersecurity in the Age of Espionage Eric O'neill Experts predict that the cyber theft of private and confidential information from government agencies, business, ...
How Secure is the Cloud: What We Have Learned from Recent Breaches Encountered by SaaS Providers Samer Adi , Michael Ball , Nabil Zoldjalali , Sandra Liepkalns N/A
Keynote | Speed Matters: What It Takes to Be Successful Defending Against High Speed Attackers Austin Murphy N/A
Intelligence-Led Rapid Recovery Sandra Liepkalns , Jason Rebholz , Bernard Regan , Adam Cottini N/A
What DevSecOps is Not? Sandra Liepkalns , Randy Huag , Andrew Vezina , Aniket Bhardwaj , Shlomo Bielak N/A
Auditing Cybersecurity in a Non-Traditional Environment Farooq Naiyer , Ketan Kapadia , Taha Iqbal , Daniel Pinsky , Juan Valbuena N/A
Opening Keynote | Developing a Provincial Ecosystem for Supporting Cybersecurity Initiatives Across the Province Tyson Johnson , Steve Onions , John Roberts , Mahdi Raza N/A
Hour of Remembrance Mahdi Raza N/A
Keynote | Security is Broken: The Solution Requires a New Approach David Balcar , Mark Dillon , Al Timchuk , Ali Hirji , Brenda Mcculloch N/A
Security Trends in Telemedicine Rob Davidson , Kashif Parvaiz , Ali Hirji , Ali Mohamed , Mayor Shaun Collier , Medha Saraiya , Scott Currie N/A
Using AI for Monitoring, Compliance and Governance Samer Adi , Rukmani Ramasubbaralyalu , Ruba Alomari , Sukhwant Sagar , Danny Aniag N/A
Challenges and Opportunities in Pushing a Data Governance Regime Vanessa Henri , Farooq Naiyer , Cat Coode , Helen Oakley N/A
Opening Keynote | CyberCrime Trends of 2020: A Look Into Cybercrime, Nation State and Ransomware Monetization Activities Jared Balcer ● A look into the blurred lines of Nation State and Cybercrime actors and how ...
Managing Digital Risks through Threat Intelligence Alkin Gorgun , Mohsen Azari , Serge Bertini , Sunny Jassal N/A
Keynote | Best Practices in Managing and Securing IoT Olivera Zatezalo N/A
Data Governance and Privacy Challenges for Smart Communities Steve Patterson , David Balcar , Mark Dillon , Kalyan Chakravarthy , Ali Hirji , Kush Sharma N/A
Shadow IT: Is It the Root of All Evils? Michael Ball , Farooq Naiyer , Sandra Liepkalns , Ali Shahidi N/A
Virtualizing Security Training Hugh Burley , Heather Maclean , Namir Anani , Tushar Singh N/A
Fireside Chat | Threat Hunting – New, Emerging, and What to Do About Them Mark Dillon , Ali Hirji , Alexander Poizner N/A
Is Cybersecurity Still High on the List for BoD Farooq Naiyer , Olivera Zatezalo , John Pinard , Scott Currie , Carlos Chalico , Mike Melo N/A
Fireside Chat | Data Privacy, Automobiles and Your Personal Data; What You Need to Know Now Debbie Reynolds N/A
Women Leaders Helping Build the Talent Pipeline Sherry Rumbolt , Victoria Granova , Ali Hirji , Nicole Brouillard , Nicole Anderson N/A
ON CHEC; Lessons Learned from the ON CHEC Program Farooq Naiyer , Ali Hirji , John Levay , Luc Roy N/A