ControlSystemsCyberConference 2020 Nov. 17, 2020 to Nov. 17, 2020, Virtual, Virtual

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Speaker Christopher C. Krebs N/A
Critical Infrastructure N/a N/A
"Process Assurance", M.c. Owen) N/A
Protecting Smart Buildings from Cyber Attacks Reuven Aronashvili N/A
Organizational and Technical Boundary Challenges for Building Security Cisco Robert Albach N/A
Nozomi Networks Chris Grove N/A
Attacking Changing Power Systems Maggie Morgant N/A
Solarium K-12 Closing the skills and diversity gap in Cyber Education N/a N/A
"A converged view of ICS security" CapTech Dr. Ron Martin N/A
Protect This Manufacturer N/a N/A
LiFi - A New Secure and High-speed Wireless Transmission Technology Dr. Heinz Willebrand N/A
Design patterns to support secure cloud connected and remote apps Brian Romansky N/A
Securing your data on the inside by ensuring your facility is protected on the outside Jesse Patel N/A
Facilities & Control Systems Cybersecurity Challenges, Standards and Innovation N/a N/A
IPv6 internet facing threats to the security of the US supply chain Dr. Austin Murdock N/A
The 6 Pilars of CyManii Dr. Howard Grimes N/A
“Securing SCADA and ICS Through Unikernels” Ian Eyberg N/A
"Cybersecurity and BACnet in Smart Buildings" Pook-ping Yao N/A
Prioritizing Health in Real Estate Strategy N/a N/A