DxPCloud 2020 Nov. 17, 2020 to Nov. 17, 2020, Virtual, Virtual

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Data protection vision 2025: Reimagine & revitalize Santhosh Rao N/A
Your last line of defense: Air-gapped backups for ransomware recovery Charles Green N/A
Welcome to DxP Thomas Been N/A
DxP keynotes conclusion N/a N/A
Regeneron: Our journey with Druva cloud backup N/a N/A
Cloud backup & disaster recovery - A simple & cost-effective path to resilience & agility N/a N/A
Automating a foolproof ransomware recovery through ecosystem integrations Sahil Shelar N/A
VMware Cloud on AWS: Fast path to migrate and modernize applications Cheryl Young N/A
Expert Panel: Discover the value of cloud-backup for the data center N/a N/A
Data protection for the cloud era Jaspreet Singh N/A
Zoom: Optimizing the remote workforce in the cloud N/a N/A
Delivering the modern multi-cloud with VMware Cloud services N/a N/A
Expert CISO panel: mitigating cybersecurity risks N/a N/A
Simplify endpoint protection governance and compliance for remote workforce N/a N/A
OHEL: Accelerating SaaS adoption with protected data N/a N/A
Future of data protection N/a N/A
Simplified data protection for VMware hybrid cloud deployments N/a N/A
Protect your backups from cyber threats with FireEye & Druva N/a N/A
No Hardware Required Zoë Rose N/A
How to simplify data protection for AWS cloud workloads N/a N/A
Solving NAS data protection N/a N/A
Case Study: Hope-Global transforms IT with cloud-first data protection strategy N/a N/A
Druva and AWS: Delivering the future of cloud-based innovation today N/a N/A
A new operating model for data protection N/a N/A
Secure, efficient & consistent experience N/a N/A
Effectively protect containerized applications running on Kubernetes N/a N/A
Protecting your cloud journey N/a N/A