SecITC 2020 Nov. 19, 2020 to Nov. 20, 2020, Virtual, Virtual

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Security with Physical Gerhard Hancke N/A
Interactive and non-interactive proofs of RSA Rèmi Gèraud-stewart N/A
Hardware-Accelerated Cryptography for Software-Defined Networks with P4 Lukas Malina , Jan Hajny , David Smékal , Sara Ricci , Peter Hrabovsky N/A
Virtualization and Automation for Cybersecurity Training and Experimentation Ion Bica , Roxana Turcanu N/A
Manager asks: Which vulnerability must be eliminated first? Zdenek Martinasek , David Pecl , Yehor Safonov , Matej Kacic , Lubomir Malina N/A
Decentralized Multi-authority Anonymous Credential System with Bundled Languages on Identifiers Hiroaki Anada N/A
Security Analysis Using Subjective Attack Trees Nasser Al-hadhrami , Matthew Oren N/A
Behaviour-based Biometrics for Continuous User Authentication to Industrial Collaborative Robots Shurook Almohamade , John Law N/A
Secure Speaker Recognition System Using Homomorphic Encryption Mihai-cristian Chindriș , Mihai Arseni N/A
A Scalable Simulation of the BB84 Protocol Involving Eavesdropping Mihai-zicu Simion N/A
Long-Term Secure Deniable Group Key Establishment Kashi Neupane N/A
Secure Card-based Cryptographic Protocols Using Private Operations Against Malicious Players Yoshifumi Ono N/A
Card-based Covert Lottery Daiki Miyahara , Yuto Shinoda , Kazumasa Shinagawa , Takaaki Sone N/A
Approach to Cryptography from Differential Geometry with Example Tetsuya Anada N/A
New Insights On Differential And Linear Bounds Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming Anubhab Baksi N/A
On using zk-SNARKs and zk-STARKs in blockchain-based identity management Andreea-elena Olimid N/A
A New Generalisation of the Goldwasser-Micali Cryptosystem Based on the Gap $2^k$-Residuosity George Maimut N/A
An IND-CCA2 attack against the 1st- and 2nd-round Tung Chou N/A
Reliable RFID Offline Privacy Cristian Hristea N/A