IEEE Workshop on Offensive Technologies 2022 May 26, 2022 to May 26, 2022, San Francisco, California

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote Robert (nvidia) N/A
Binary - Abusing Trust: Mobile Kernel Subversion via TrustZone Rootkits Daniel Hlauschek , Christian Gmbh) , Thomas Wien) N/A
Binary - Exploring Widevine for Fun and Profit Gwendal Patat , Mohamed Sabt , Pierre-alain Rennes , Irisa And Cnrs) N/A
Binary - Hack the Heap: Heap Layout Manipulation made Easy Jordy Gennissen , Daniel London) N/A
Binary - AirTag of the Clones: Shenanigans with Liberated Item Finders Matthias Hollick , Homas Security) , Fabian Freyer (independent) , Jiska Seemoo) N/A
Side Channel - Clairvoyance: Exploiting Far-field EM Emanations of GPU to ``See'' Your DNN Models through Obstacles at a Distance Sisheng University) , Zihao Florida) , Long University) , Fan University) N/A
Side Channel - DABANGG: A Case for Noise Resilient Flush Based Cache Attacks Anish Bombay) N/A
Side Channel - Spring: Spectre Returning in the Browser with Speculative Load Queuing and Deep Stacks Herbert Bos , Johannes Zurich) , Cristiano Zurich) N/A
Browsers and Protocol - Interactive History Sniffing with Dynamically-Generated QR Codes and CSS Difference Blending Keith Thomas) N/A
Browser & Protocols - On the Security of Parsing Security-Relevant HTTP Headers in Modern Browsers Hendrik University) , Martin Kretschmer ( , Marcus University) N/A
Browser & Protocols - On the Insecurity of Vehicles Against Protocol-Level Bluetooth Threats Daniele Antonioli (eurecom , Fr) (epfl) N/A