CornCon 2022 Sept. 30, 2022 to Oct. 1, 2022, Indiana, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Welcome to CornCon 8 Day N/a N/A
Adversary ROI David Etue N/A
Threat Model Trick or Treat? (accelerating secure design) Brook Schoenfield , Principal Llc N/A
Financial Industry Pane Aaron Lint , Anchorage Anderson , Boston Ci N/A
Registering Enterprise Risk Edward Marchewka N/A
Board Level and Executive Reporting – How the Proposed SEC Cybersecurity Guidelines will Impact Us Demetrios Lazarikos (laz) , President Lava N/A
M365 Threat Hunting - Discovering Microsoft Cloud Vulnerabilities Aaron Turner , Cto Ai N/A
Threat Management Sponsored by Cyberreason Kraig Faulkner , Jeff Lenninger , Brandon Nelle N/A
Community Building in Trusted Circles Cherie Burgett , Dir. Isac N/A
Oh the Passwords You'll Crack: an Absurdist Look at Why Enterprises Still Suck at Identity and Access Management Bobby Kuzma , Director Procircular N/A
The Fast and Furious of Cybersecurity: The FTC and FBI Cooked the Books Michael Daugherty , Ceo And Labmd N/A
A Modern Approach to Pentesting Zero Trust Environments Nathan Sweaney , Principal Ideas N/A
We Hack Tractors Pm Deere N/A
Performing Risk Assessments on a Shoestring Ken Rowe , Pres Springfield N/A
The Impact of Ransomware Rubrik Wilcox , Former Involta Learn about the pervasiveness of ransomware, how it is impacting organizations and what can be ...
Predicting which CVEs will next appear on CISA's 'exploited in the wild' CVE list Dan Corlette (v) , Head Northstar N/A
Gazing into the Crystal Ball - The Fog of Cyberwarfare Escalations Harshit Agrawal , Rf Univ. N/A
The risks of jailbreaking your tractor Sick Codes N/A
Securing your work from home environmen Vp University , Fred Kwong N/A
Introduction: Welcome to CornCon 8 Day 2 N/a N/A
My first hack was in 1958 (Then a career in Rock ‘n’ Roll taught me about security) Winn Schwartau N/A
Security Architecture Paradigm & Associated Baggage Bruce Norquist , Product Organization N/A
Forensics Workshop Dr. Phil Polstra , Professor University N/A
The evolution of the CISO - how to make the transition from technical to transformational Kate Kuehn N/A
How we do security reviews at Slack Atulkumar Gaikwad , Staff Salesforce N/A
Welcome to the Dark Side, we own EVERYONE’S Cookies.. Chris Roberts , Ciso Supersonic N/A
Big Trouble in Little SOC – Of Dragons and Fire Extinguishers Raf Los , Head Extrahop N/A
The Top 5 Cloud Native Risks Bob West , Cso , Palo Cloud N/A
Detection is your Superpower Stel Valavanis , Ceo Security N/A
How do you prepare for the 100 year “cyber” flood that now happens every month Esq. , Richard Hl Marshall , Chairman Board , Cinturion Mobility N/A
Consumer Electronic Security Systems: Not that secure...still Charles Parker (v) , Sr. Corp. N/A
Your Cybersecurity Career, Matched & Mapped Jason Shockey , Ceo Path N/A
Taking the Red Pill – Becoming a Guardian, but are you The One? Rich Lindberg , Ciso / N/A
The Cat in the IRC Chat – intersection of OPSEC & deception Greg Carpenter , Cso International N/A
Equity and Diversity in Cybersecurity Roberta Osmers , Assoc. Center N/A
Intro to Bluetooth Low Energy Hacking Matt Brown , Sr. (ise) N/A
Kathryn Brett Goldman, CEO, Cybermaniacs! Kathryn Brett Goldman , Ceo And Cybermaniacs! N/A
Do we live in a simulation? Could we tell? Could we hack it? Parker Schmidt , Ceo Johnson N/A
Closing Ceremony, Awards, Door Prizes N/a N/A
Bring your own laptop! (3 hours) Sponsored by CodeLight Zeek Ctf N/A