Security B-Sides San Francisco 2011 Feb. 14, 2011 to Feb. 15, 2011, San Francisco, USA
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Lessons Learned From Running A Bug Bounty Program Daniel Peck None Security
Gone In 60 Keystrokes Mike Lloyd None Security
Security, Supply Chains, And You Hart Rossman None Security
Selling Security Without Selling Your Soul Aaron Cohen None Security
Screw The Tsa: Iíll Be Where I Want, And Getcredit For It! Ray Kelly None Security
Security Domination Via Hard Drive Isolation Gal Shpantzer None Security
Post Attack: Working With Law Enforcement Nick Selby None Security
Being Sneaky About Security And Regulations Or Misdirection: The Rise And Fall And Rise Of Regulatory Compliance Brett Hardin , Mike Dahn None Security
Open Security Intelligence: Art Of The Possible Or Science Of The Necessary? Joe Gottlieb , Dan Ritari , Andrew Hay None Security
How To Attack Windows Kernel Song Liu None Security
Cloud Security Realities David Mortman None Security
Tba Billy Rios None Security
Bringing Home The Love: Tips, Tricks And Quips On How To Organize A B-Sides Event In Your Town None Security
Letting Someone Else'S Phone Ring At 3 Am: Building Robust Incident Management Frameworks Andy Ellis None Security
You Are Alone. Enjoy It. Brett Hardin None Security
When Csos Attack Hd Moore None Security
Something Fun About Using Siem And Not Failing Or Only Failing Non-Miserably Or Not-Too-Miserably Anton Chuvakin None Security
Stop Complaining And Solve A Security Problem Instead! Ivan Ristic None Security
Attacking Cyber Security Marketecture Andrew Hay , Richard Bejtlich , Travis Reese , Amit Yoran None Security
Active Exploitation Detection Marc Eisenbarth None Security
A Brief History Of Hacking Dave Shackleford , Andrew Hay None Security
Homo Developomicus - Developers Are Human Too Damon Cortesi None Security
Threat Modeling: Learn To Optimize Your Security Budget Robert Zigweid None Security
Ask The Eff Kevin Bankston , Marcia Hofmann , Kurt Opsahl , Eva Galperin , Chris Palmer , Julie Samuels None Security
Log Analysis And Visualization In The Cloud Raffael Marty None Security
Reverse Engineering Using The Android Emulator Scott Dunlop None Security
Dr. Stuxlove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Worm Davi Ottenheimer None Security