CanSecWest 2011 March 9, 2011 to March 11, 2011, Vancouver, Canada
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Is Your Gaming Console Safe?: Embedded Devices, An Antivirus-Free Safe Hideout For Malware Dong-joo Ha , Ki-chan Ahn People have false sense of security for Console Gaming systems or Mobile Devices because they ... Security
Deconstructing Coldfusion Chris Eng , Brandon Creighton ColdFusion is a somewhat forgotten but still very prevalent web application development platform. This presentation ... Security
Showing How Security Has (And Hasn'T) Improved, After Ten Years Of Trying Dan Kaminski , Adam Cecchetti , Michael Eddington If there's one thing you learn studying computer security, it's that very few things are ... Security
Black Box Auditing Adobe Shockwave Aaron Portnoy , Logan Brown Tools, discoveries,and methodologies resulting from analyzing an external view of a large codebase. Some surprising ... Security
Ipv6 Implementation And Security Round Table - A Moderated Disagreement Or A Chorus? Anonymous We'll try for education. Security
Chip & Pin Is Definitely Broken Andrea Barisani , Daniele Bianco The EMV global standard for electronic payments is widely used for inter-operation between chip equipped ... Security
Project Ubertooth: Building A Better Bluetooth Adapter Michael Ossmann This is the story of how someone with very little knowledge of electronics embarked on ... Security
Welcome To Rootkit Country Graeme Neilson This presentation will outline how to develop rootkits for appliances from all the top ten ... Security
Iphone And Ipad Hacking Ilja van Sprundel Over the last few years there has been a signifant amount of iPhone and iPad ... Security
A Castle Made Of Sand: Adobe Reader X Sandbox Richard Johnson Adobe Reader is one of the most widely installed software applications on the planet. The ... Security
Dymanic Cryptographic Trapdoors Eric Filiol Cryptographic algorithm are evaluated/certified (Common criteria) in a static environment. Most of the times only ... Security
The Law Of Web Application Hacking Marcia Hofmann This presentation will identify and discuss sticky legal problems raised by researching the security of ... Security
Security Defect Metrics For Targeted Fuzzing Dustin Duran , Matt Miller , David Weston One of the limitations of traditional fuzz testing is that it is difficult for resource-constrained ... Security
Sms-O-Death: From Analyzing To Attacking Mobile Phones On A Large Scale Nico Golde , Collin Mulliner This talk is about security analysis of a class of mobile phone the so-called "feature ... Security
Borken Fonts: The Story Of Naive Parsers And Attacker Controlled Reboots Marc Schnefeld The topic describes the methodology and results of recent research in major implementation of font ... Security
Stale Pointers Are The New Black Vincenzo Iozzo , Giovanni Gola Memory corruption bugs such as dangling pointers, double frees and uninitialized memory are some of ... Security
Grape: Generative Rule-Based Generic Stateful Fuzzing Nick Green We present GRAPE, a rule-based, generative, stateful fuzzer. GRAPE generates fuzz-cases from scratch, and can ... Security