DEF CON 15 Aug. 3, 2007 to Aug. 5, 2007, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Greater Than 1: Defeating Strong Authentication In Web Applications Brendan O'Connor None Security Web
Panel: Ask The Eff Peter Eckersley , Matt Zimmerman , Kevin Bankston , Marcia Hofmann , Kurt Opsahl , Danny O'brien None Security
The Soa/Xml Threat Model And New Xml/Soa/Web 2.0 Attacks &Amp; Threats Steve Orrin None Security
Openbsd Remote Exploit And Another Ipv6 Vulnerabilities Alfredo Ortega None Security IPv6
Breaking Forensics Software: Weaknesses In Critical Evidence Collection Alex Stamos , Chris Palmer None Security Forensics
Caffeinemonkey: Automated Collection, Detection And Analysis Of Malicious Javascript Daniel Peck , Ben Feinstein None Security Analysis
Securing The Tor Network Mike Perry None Security
Pen-Testing Wi-Fi Aaron Peterson None Security
How To Be A Wifi Ninja Pilgrim None Security
Stealing Identity Management Systems Plet None Security
Dirty Secrets Of The Security Industry Bruce Potter None Security
Covert Debugging: Circumventing Software Armoring Techniques Valsmith , Danny Quist None Security
The Inherent Insecurity Of Widgets And Gadgets Iftach Ian Amit , Aviv Raff None Security
The Emperor Has No Cloak - Wep Cloaking Exposed Vivek Ramachandran None Security
Beyond Vulnerability Scanning - Extrusion And Exploitability Scanning Matt Richard , Fred Doyle None Security
Biting The Hand That Feeds You - Storing And Serving Malicous Content ≫From Well Known Web Servers Billy Rios , Nathan Mcfeters None Security Web
Mq Jumping Martyn Ruks None Security
Vulnerabilities And The Information Assurance Directorate Tony Sager None Security
Network Mathematics: Why Is It A Small World? Oskar Sandberg None Security
The Church Of Wifi Presents: Hacking Iraq Michael ( theprez98 ) Schearer None Security
Q &Amp; A With Bruce Schneier Bruce Schneier None Security
The Executable Image Exploit Michael Schrenk None Security
Panel: Center For Democracy &Amp; Technology Anti-Spyware Coalition Ari Schwartz , Ben Edelman , Eileen Harrington , Mario Vuksan None Security
The Edge Of Forever - Making Computer History Jason Scott None Security
A Crazy Toaster: Can Home Devices Turn Against Us? Dror Shalev None Security
Saving The Internet With Hate Zed A. Shaw None Security
Cool Stuff Learned From Competing In The Dc3 Digital Forensic Challenge David C. Smith , Mickey Laskey None Security
Thinking Outside The Console (Box) Squidly1 None Security
When Tapes Go Missing Robert Stoudt None Security
Hacking The Eula: Reverse Benchmarking Web Application Security Scanners Tom Stracener , Marce Luck None Security Web
Fingerprinting And Cracking Java Obfuscated Code Subere None Security
Creating Unreliable Systems, Attacking The Systems That Attack You Sysmin , Marklar None Security
The Church Of Wifi'S Wireless Extravaganza Renderman , Thorn & H1kari , Theprez98 None Security Wireless
Hacking Ufology: Thirty Years In The Wilderness Of Mirrors Richard Theime None Security
High Insecurity: Locks, Lies, And Liability Marc Weber Tobias , Matt Fiddler None Security
Portable Privacy: Digital Munitions For The Privacy War Steve Topletz None Security Privacy
Locksport: An Emerging Subculture Schuyler Towne None Security
Malware Secrets Delchi , Valsmith None Security Malware
How I Learned To Stop Fuzzing And Find More Bugs Jacob West None Security Fuzzing
Turn-Key Pen Test Labs Thomas Wilhelm None Security
Multiplatform Malware Within The .Net-Framework Paul Sebastian Ziegler , Tatsumori None Security Malware
Z-Phone Philip R. Zimmermann None Security
Trojans: A Reality Check Toralv Dirro , Dirk Kollberg None Security
Real-Time Steganography With Rtp I)ruid None Security
Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Police Procedure In 50 Minutes Steve Dunker None Security
The Hacker Society Around The (Corporate) World Luiz "effffn" Eduardo None Security
Kernel Wars Christer Berg , Claes Nyberg , Joel Eriksson , Karl Janmar None Security
Routing In The Dark: Pitch Black Nathan S. Evans , Christian Grothoff None Security Routing
Estonia: Information Warfare And Strategic Lessons Gadi Evron None Security
Webserver Botnets Gadi Evron None Security Botnets
Panel: Internet Wars 2007 Paul Vixie , Gadi Evron , Andrew Fried , Thomas Grasso , Dan Hubbard , Randal Vaughn None Security
Biometric And Token Based Access Control Systems: Are You Protected By Two Screws And A Plastic Cover? Probably. Zac Franken None Security Access
Greetz From Room 101 Kenneth Geers None Security
Digital Rights Worldwide: Or How To Build A Global Hacker Conspiracy Danny O'brien None Security
The Completion Backward Principle Geoffrey None Security
Intelligent Debugging For Vulndev Damien Gomez None Security
Multipot: A More Potent Variant Of Evil Twin K.n. Gopinath None Security
Making Of The Def Con 15 Badge Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand None Security
Disclosure And Intellectual Property Law: Case Studies Jennifer Granick None Security
Security By Politics - Why It Will Never Work Lukas Grunwald None Security
Hardware Hacking For Software Geeks David Gustin , Ab3nd None Security
The Commercial Malware Industry Peter Gutmann None Security Malware
Interstate: A Stateful Protocol Fuzzer For Sip Ian G. Harris None Security
Hacking The Extensible Firmware Interface John Heasman None Security
Hack Your Car For Boost And Power! Aaron Higbee None Security
Geolocation Of Wireless Access Points And Wireless Geocaching Rick Hill None Security Wireless Access
Virtual World, Real Hacking Greg Hoglund None Security
The Market For Malware Thomas J. Holt None Security Malware
Click Fraud Detection With Practical Memetics Broward Horne None Security
Faster Pwning Assured: New Adventures With Fpgas David Hulton None Security
Honeyjax (Aka Web Security Monitoring And Intelligence 2.0) Dan Hubbard None Security Web Monitoring
One Token To Rule Them All: Post-Exploitation Fun In Windows Environments Luke Jennings None Security
Homeless Vikings, (Short-Lived Bgp Prefix Hijacking And The Spamwars) Dave Josephsen None Security
Black Ops 2007: Design Reviewing The Web None Security Web
Fighting Malware On Your Own Vitaliy Kamlyuk None Security Malware
Sql Injection And Out-Of-Band Channeling Patrik Karlsson None Security SQL
Hacking Evdo King Tuna None Security
Functional Fuzzing With Funk Ben Kurtz None Security Fuzzing
Comparing Application Security Tools Edward Lee None Security
Ipv6 Is Bad For Your Privacy Janne Lindqvist None Security Privacy IPv6
No-Tech Hacking Johnny Long None Security
Self-Publishing And The Computer Underground Myles Long , Rob "Flack" O'hara , Christian "RaDMan" Wirth None Security
Social Attacks On Anonymity Networks Nick Mathewson None Security Anonymity
Technical Changes Since The Last Tor Talk Nick Mathewson None Security
It'S All About The Timing Marco Slaviero , Haroon Meer Security
How Smart Is Intelligent Fuzzing- Or -How Stupid Is Dumb Fuzzing? Charlie Miller None Security
The Next Wireless Frontier - Tv White Spaces Doug Mohney None Security Wireless
Tactical Exploitation H.d. Moore , Valsmith None Security Exploitation
Disclosure Panel David Mortman , David Maynor , Paul Proctor , Window Snyder , Ian Robertson , Dave Goldsmith None Security Panel
Re-Animating Drives &Amp; Advanced Data Recovery Scott Moulton None Security
(Un)Smashing The Stack: Overflows, Countermeasures, And The Real World Shawn Moyer None Security
Protecting Your It Infrastructure From Legal Attacks- Subpoenas, Warrants And Transitive Trust Alexander Muentz None Security Infrastructure Legal
Windows Vista Log Forensics Rich Murphey None Security Forensics
Creating And Managing Your Security Career Lee Kushner , Mike Murray None Security
The Science Of Social Engineering: Nlp, Hypnosis And The Science Of Persuasion Mike Murray , Anton Chuvakin None Security
Being In The Know... Listening To And Understanding Modern Radio Systems Brett Neilson , Taylor Brinton None Security
Hack Your Brain With Video Games Ne0nra1n , Julian Spillane None Security
Tor And Blocking-Resistance Roger Dingledine None Security
Boomstick Fu: The Fundamentals Of Physical Security At Its Most Basic Level Deviant Ollam , Noid , Jur1st None Security
Unraveling Scada Protocols: Using Sulley Fuzzer Ganesh Devarajan None Security
Revolutionizing The Field Of Grey-Box Attack Surface Testing With Evolutionary Fuzzing Jared Demott , Richard Enbody , Dr. Bill Punch None Security Fuzzing Testing
Picking Up The Zero Day; An Everyones Guide To Unexpected Disclosures Dead Addict None Security
Ciscogate The Dark Tangent None Security
Hacking Social Lives: Myspace.Com Rick Deacon None Security
Securing Linux Applications With Apparmor Crispin Cowan None Security
Lan Protocol Attacks Part 1 - Arp Reloaded Jesse "x30n" D'aguanno None Security
Satellite Imagery Analysis Greg Conti None Security Analysis
Computer And Internet Security Law - A Year In Review 2006 - 2007 Robert W. Clark None Security
Panel: Meet The Vcs Paul Proctor , Patrick Chung , Maria Cirino , Mark Mcgovern , Dov Yoran None Security
Panel: Meet The Fed Jim Christy , Jerry Dixon , Bob Hopper , Ken Privette , Andrew Fried , Jon Iadonisi , Kevin Manson , Rich Marshall , Tim Fowler , Barry Gundy , Mike Jacobs , Tim Koshiba , Bob Lentz , Keith Rhodes , Linton Wells None Security
Virtualization: Enough Holes To Work Vegas D.j.capelis None Security
Intranet Invasion With Anti-Dns Pinning David Byrne None Security
Entropy-Based Data Organization Tricks For Log And Packet Capture Browsing Sergey Bratus None Security
Teaching Hacking At College Sam Bowne None Security
Analyzing Intrusions &Amp; Intruders Sean M. Bodmer None Security
A Journalist'S Perspective On Security Research Peter Berghammer None Security
Bridging The Gap Between Technology And The Law John Benson (jur1st) None Security
Injecting Rds-Tmc Traffic Information Signalsa.K.A. How To Freak Out Your Satellite Navigation Daniele Bianco , Andrea Barisani None Security
Knac! Ofir Arkin Security
Remedial Heap Overflows: Dlmalloc Style Atlas None Security
44 Lines About 22 Things That Keep Me Up At Night Agent X None Security