DEF CON 14 Aug. 4, 2006 to Aug. 6, 2006, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Corporate Network Spying Andrew Whitaker None Security
The Making Of Atlas: Kiddie To Hacker In 5 Sleepless Nights Atlas None Security
Discovering Mac Os X Weaknesses And Fixing Them With The New Bastille Os X Port Jay Beale Security
Panel: Meet The Fed Ken Privette , Rich Marshall , Tim Fowler , Mike Jacobs , Keith Rhodes , Linton Wells , Jason Beckett , Dave Thomas , Rick Palermo None Security
Phishing, It Starts With “Ph” For A Reason.&Nbsp;Some Best Practices To Detect And Prevent For Some New Point Of Attack Methods Teli Brown None Security
Exploit Writing Using Injectable Virtual Machines Wes Brown , Scott Dunlop None Security
Fun With 802.11 Device Drivers Johnny Cache None Security
Traffic Analysis Panel Jon Callas None Security Panel Analysis
Hacking Fedex Kinko'S: How Not To Implement Stored-Value Card Systems Strom Carlson None Security
Social Message Relay: Using Existing Social Networks To Transmit Covert Messages In Public Strom Carlson , Skrooyoo , Datagram & Vidiot , Vidiot None Security
Legal Aspects Of Computer Self-Defense And Aggressive Self-Defense Robert W. Clark None Security Legal
Legal Aspects Of Internet &Amp; Computer Network Defense: A Year In Review Computer And Internet Security Law 2005-2006 Robert Clark None Security Legal
Ask Eff: The Year In Digital Civil Liberties Kevin Bankston , Kurt Opsahl , Cindy Cohn , Jason Schultz , Danny O’brien , Seth Schoen None Security
Eff V. At&Amp;T: Your World, Delivered (To The Nsa) Kevin Bankston , Kurt Opsahl , Cindy Cohn , Jason Schultz None Security
Googling: I'M Feeling (Un)Lucky Greg Conti None Security
The Evolving Art Of Fuzzing Jared Demott None Security Fuzzing
Samael (Secure, Anonymous, Megalomaniacal, Autonomous, Encrypting Linux) And Narc (Network Analysis Reporting Console) Atlas , Dr.kaos , Arcon , Beth Louis (phen) , Digunix None Security Analysis
Fear!(?)&Nbsp;The Census Bureau Steve Dunker None Security
Ripples In The Gene Pool: Creating Genetic Mutations To Survive The Vulerability Window Chris Eagle None Security
Securing Manet Riley "Caezar" Eller None Security
Dns Abuse Infrastructure And Games Gadi Evron None Security Infrastructure DNS
Panel: Internet Wars 2006 Paul Vixie , Gadi Evron , Dan Hubbard , Randal Vaughn , Tim Grasso , Hobbit , Peiter ( Mudge ) Zatko Security
Matrixay: When Web App &Amp; Database Security Pen-Test/Audit Is A Joy Yuan Fan , Xiao Rong None Security Web
Re 2006: New Challenges Need Changing Tools Thomas ( Halvar Flake ) Dullien None Security
Graphical Representations Of Security Relationships: Awesome Or Bullshit? Foofus None Security
Analysing Complex Systems: The Blackberry Case Felix ( FX ) Lindner None Security
Hardware Hacking Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand None Security
Ipv6 World Update: High Diplomacy &Amp; Monster Trucks Kenneth Geers , Alexander Eisen None Security IPv6
Fighting Organized Cyber Crime Thomas X. Grasso None Security
First We Break Your Tag, Then We Break Your Systems Attacks To Rfid Systems Lukas Grunwald None Security
Phishing Tips And Techniques: Tackle, Rigging, And How &Amp; When To Phish Peter Gutmann None Security Phishing
Trust, But Verify: Auditing Proprietary Dre Systems Robert ( Rsnake ) Hansen Security Auditing
Your Name, Your Shoe Size, Your Identity? What Do We Trust In This Web? Seth Hardy None Security
Automatic Exploit Detection In Binaries Matt Hargett , Luis Miras None Security
Warrocketing: Network Stumbling&Nbsp;50 Sq. Miles In ≪ 60 Sec. Rick Hill None Security
Meme Hacking—Subverting The Ideosphere Broward Horne None Security
Exploring The Changing Nature Of Def Con Over The Past 14 Years Thomas J. Holt None Security
Owning The Linksys Wrtp54G Voip Router Arias Hung None Security
How To Create An Anonymous Identity Johan Hybinette None Security
Black Ops 2006 Dan Kaminsky None Security
Oracle Rootkits 2.0 Alexander Kornbrust None Security Rootkits
Hacking Unix With Freebsd Jail(8), Secure Virtual Servers Isaac Levy Ike None Security Unix
Advanced Windows Based Firewall Subversion Lin0xx None Security Firewall
Death By 1000 Cuts Johnny Long Security
Secrets Of The Hollywood Hacker! Johnny Long None Security
Old Skewl Hacking: Magstripe Madness Major Malfunction None Security
Visual Log Analysis - The Beauty Of Graphs Raffael Marty None Security Analysis
Bridging The Gap Between Static And Dynamic Reversing Luis Miras None Security
Zulu A Command Line Wireless Frame Generator Damon Mccoy , Anmol Sheth None Security Wireless
Rebuilding Hard Drives For Data Recovery: Anatomy Of A Hard Drive Scott Moulton None Security
A New Bioinformatics-Inspired And Binary Analysis: Coding Style/Motif Identification Scott Miller None Security
Advanced Attacks Against Pocketpc Phones Collin Mulliner None Security
Covert Channels Using Ipv6/Icmpv6 R.p. Murphy None Security
What Has The Nsa Done For Me Lately? Timothy M O'neill None Security
Us-Visit: Raping Personal Privacy Since 2004 Chris Paget None Security Privacy
802.1X Networking Tommee Pickles None Security
Trusted Computing: Could It Be... Satan? Bruce Potter None Security
Service Cloaking And Anonymous Access; Combining Tor&Nbsp;With Single Packet Authorization (Spa) Michael Rash None Security
New Wireless Fun From The Church Of Wifi Thorn & H1kari , H1kari , Renderman Security Wireless
A Hacker'S Guide To Rfid Spoofing And Jamming Melanie Rieback None Security
Safecracking Without A Trace Eric "Unlocked" Schmiedl None Security
Cyber-Crime Foiled Once Again? Help Prove The Innocence Or Guilt Of Jack Grove Tyler Cohen , Amber Schroader None Security
A Tale Of Two Proxies Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh , Haroon Meer Security
The Jericho Forum And Challenge Paul Simmonds , Pamela Fusco , Henry Teng , David Mortman Security
How The Fbi Uses Nlp On You! Brad Smith None Security
Hunting For Metamorphic Engines Wing H. Wong , Mark Stamp None Security
Ollybone: Semi-Automatic Unpacking On Ia-32 Joe Stewart None Security
Beyond Social Engineering: Tools For Reinventing Yourself Richard Thieme None Security
Advanced File System Hiding And Detection Irby Thompson , Mathew Monroe None Security
Things That Go Bump In The Night: An Analysis Of Current And Emerging Threats To Physical Security Marc Weber Tobias , Matt Fiddler None Security Analysis
Kiosk Security Peleus Uhley None Security
Hacking Malware: Offense Is The New Defense Valsmith , Danny Quist None Security
Dns Amplification Attacks Gadi Evron , Randal Vaughn None Security DNS
Malware Repository Requirements Paul Vixie , David Dagon None Security Malware
The Plausible Deniability Toolkit Weasel , Simple Nomad Security
Unclassified Information Sharing With Non-Traditional Partners Linton Wells None Security
Abuse And The Global Infection Rate Rick Wesson None Security
The National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition Gregory B. White , Kevin Archer None Security
Blackjacking - 0Wning The Enterprise Via The Blackberry X30n None Security
Turbo-Talk - Special Project Voip Encryption Update Phil Zimmermann None Security
Ibm Networking Attacks—Or The Easiest Way To Own A Mainframe Without Getting The Removals Men In Martyn Ruks None Security
Mac Os X Security Tools Charles Krypted None Security
10 Ways To Not Get Caught Hacking On Your Mac Charles Krypted None Security