Notacon 8 April 15, 2011 to April 18, 2011, Cleveland, USA
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Kinetic Music Project Ruori At Notacon 2011, Project Ruori will help ensure that virtual marbles and living humans continue, ... Security
Hacking The Man: Your Guide To The Courtroom Catfood Someday, you'll get jammed up with your jurisdiction's legal system. Hear and learn from one ... Security
The Greatest Show On Earth: How To Create, Populate, And Delegate A Successful Event Aestetix Many people like to attend conferences, but how many get a chance to see what ... Security
Corporate Evil: The Legal Way To Commit Fraud And Murder Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Corruption Chris Anderson , Andrea Long Corporations rob and murder around the world and use lawyers and accountants to hide their ... Security
Social Engineering Business Into Your Security James Arlen , Tom Eston , Chris Clymer , Brandon Knight , Matthew Neely Funding security toys^Wproducts used to be easy. Getting the business to understand why security costs ... Security
I'Ll Take "Myrcurial" For $100 James Arlen In this exciting and fast paced "speed rant", you'll be dragged from one seemingly unrelated ... Security
Keeping Secrets For Ios Developers Randy Beiter iOS applications frequently miss the mark on securing data whether the user's or the application's ... Security
Deep Magic 101: The Wizard'S First Rule Jp Bourget , Rob Fuller Rob and JP will be providing a 2 part user experience. Part I will be ... Security
Funnypots And Skiddy Baiting Adrian Crenshaw Ever wanted to screw with those that screw with you? Honeypots might be ok for ... Security
Weaponizing The Smartphone: Deploying The Perfect Wmd Kizz Myanthia The acceptance and integration of mobile phones, specifically smartphones, into our everyday life has allowed ... Security
Artgames Lan Party Joncates , Jake Elliott , Tamas Kamenczy Like any medium that has achieved a critical popular mass, strange and intoxicating activity in ... Security
Social Zombies Gone Wild: Totally Exposed And Uncensored Kevin Johnson , Tom Eston Social networks have jumped onto the geolocation bandwagon with location-based tweets, status updates, check-ins, mayorships, ... Security
Preventing Viruses From Stds To .Exes Dewzi In the 80's, viruses were something you worried about catching in a nightclub. Today, computer ... Security
Propane And Electrons Seth Hardy things that are kind of cool: fire. building things that shoot fire. electronics. making your ... Security
Strategic Penetration Testing - Changing The Way We Hack David Kennedy Penetration testing is something that we've all been through and understand. We have a certain ... Security
One Bad Cookie Jeff ( ghostnomad ) Kirsch , Ghostnomadjr Many of us have had a long road into technology, and sometimes we forget what ... Security
Educating Security Means A New Approach Jeff ( ghostnomad ) Kirsch In a traditional educational environment we are taught in a linear, binary fashion. We are ... Security
Laser Cutters: Not Only For Use On Your Remaining Eye Alex Leitch Laser cutters are handy for crafting and sound like they come from the future even ... Security
Collecting Underpants To Win Your Network Ryan Linn 1: Collect Packets, 2: ???, 3: Win! These demos and presentation will help you learn ... Security
Ssl Wars - The Dark Side Of Ssl Darth Vader The Rebel Alliance uses SSL to encrypt their transmissions so that the empire does not ... Security
We Are All Game-Makers: An Everyman'S Approach To Game Development Page Mckay Most kids of my generation have dreamed of breaking into game development. Many have toiled ... Security
Oh Shit: The Top Five Major F*!K Ups Of My Career, And How I Grew From Them. Kevin A Nassery What doesn't kill us makes us strongerÖ even in our careers too. From unauthorized pyrotechnics ... Security
Pen Testing - Moving From Art To Science Matthew Neely Pen Testing has evolved greatly over the years, but it is still more an art ... Security
The Free Software Studio: Open-Source Tools For Musical Exploration And Composition Nicolle ( rogueclown ) Neulist Are you curious about making music on your computer, but not sure where to start? ... Security
Open Source Intelligence: The Legal Do'S And Don'Ts Of Digital Profiling Shane Nimbus , Michael L. Palumbo Privacy online has become a increasingly hard to maintain with such things like social networking ... Security
Tabletop Game Design 101: Idea To Reality Mike Olenik We all have our favorite types of games, be they RPG, table top, card, war, ... Security
Hacking The Workplace: How To Make The Most With The Least Alex Papadimoulis Until someone figures how to hack their way to Free Living (and no, squatting at ... Security
Art Of Akira Joe Peacock Believe it or not, there was a time when animation was done without the use ... Security
You'Ll Get Over It: How Not To Redesign Fark Joe Peacock , Drew Curtis In 2007, launched a redesign which, by all accounts, drastically modernized and improved much, ... Security
Geocaching 101 Jon Peer Geocaching is a high-tech game of hide & seek wherein those that hide provide coordinates ... Security
Hacking The Classroom: How To Re-Make The Education System Christina ( Fabulous ) Pei Public education in America consists generally of under-paid, over-worked teachers who are tasked with force-feeding ... Security
Hdr And Panoramic Photography Rltvty Demonstrations on how create a workflow for creating HDR images, panoramic images, and HDR panoramic ... Security
The Bleeding Edge Of Neurohacking Ed Quiggle I would like to give a talk on neurohacking and how it can be done ... Security
How I Finally Made My First Videogame Chris Sanyk This is a story about a boy who had a dream, who grew up and ... Security
The Ancient Sport Of Falconry Kaimen Searle , Justin Searle Come and experience a taste of the ancient art of falconry. Explore the world of ... Security
Is Locksport A Sport? Bill Sempf People learn to pick locks because it is deeply forbidden knowledge, like knowing about sex ... Security
History Of Scanimate David Sieg David Sieg has managed to coax useful computer animation from some of the slowest computers ... Security
Being A Puppet Master: Automating Amazon Ec2 With Puppet & Friends Mark Stanislav The benefits of cloud-computing (specifically IaaS) can be quickly outweighed by the time and effort ... Security
It'S Vulnerableö Now What?: Three Diverse Tales Of Woe And Remediation Mark Stanislav Very few people in IT have the distinction of being considered a "security researcher" by ... Security