Nullcon 2011 Feb. 25, 2011 to Feb. 26, 2011, Goa, India
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
No Bullshit On Underground Crime: Traces, Trends, Attribution, Techniques And More Fyodor Yarochkin None Security
Lessons Learned From 2010 Saumil Udayan Shah None Security
Penetration Testing A Biometric System Rahul Sasi None Security
Cyber Crime 101: Cost Of Cyber Crime, Trends And Analysis Shashidhar None Security
Incident Management And Beyond Dinesh Bareja None Security
Enterprise Paradigm For Controlling Data Leakage Deepak Rout None Security
Protect Infrastructure Of Protect Information Ñ Lessons From Wikileaks Vishal Gupta None Security
Information Warfare Ñ The Indian Perspective Alok Vijayant None Security
Future Of Cyber Crimes: Limitations And Challenges Pratap Reddy None Security
Vulnerabilities And Malware: Statistics And Research For Malware Identification Wolfgang Kandek None Security
Building An Intelligence Analysis Systems Using Open Source Tools Fyodor Yarochkin None Security
Chupa Rustam Abhijeet Hatekar None Security
Security And Forensic Discovery In Cloud Environments Manu Zacharia None Security
Zeus Mitmo Ñ A Real Case Of Banking Fraud Through Mobile Phones Mikel Gastesi , Jose Miguel Esparza None Security
Botnet Detection Approach By Dns Behavior And Clustering Analysis Nilesh Sharma , Pulkit Mehndiratta None Security
Fuzzing With Complexities Vishwas Sharma None Security
Reversing Microsoft Patches To Reveal Vulnerable Code Harsimran Walia None Security
Memory Analysis Ñ Looking Into The Eye Of The Bits Assaf Nativ None Security
Exploiting Scada Systems Jeremy Brown None Security
Hacking The Parliament A Classic Social Engineering Attack Anurag Dhanda None Security
Security Analysis Of Indiaís Electronic Voting Machines: Memoirs Of A Whistleblower Hari Prasad None Security
Automatic Program Analysis Using Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Sunil Kumar None Security
Sslsmart Ñ Smart Ssl Cipher Enumeration Gursev Singh Kalra None Security
Json Fuzzing: New Approach To Old Problems Prashant Kv , Tamaghna Basu None Security
Jugaad Beta: Linux Thread Injection For Malware Poc Aseem "@" Jakhar None Security
Buffer Underrun Exploits Chinmaya Kamal , Saurabh Sharma None Security