TROOPERS 2011 March 28, 2011 to March 31, 2011, Heidelberg, Germany
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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening Keynote Enno Rey None Security
Talking Only To Ourselves: The Dangers Of Refusing To Stop, Look And Listen Richard Thieme None Security
Cache On Delivery Marco Slaviero None Security
Security And Regulatory Requirements For Public Cloud Offerings To Support Selected Customer Use Cases Mark Gall , Joachim L¸ken None Security
Owning The Data Center Using Cisco Nx-Os George Hedfors None Security
Attacking Oracle Web Applications With Metasploit Chris Gates None Security
Forging Canon Original Decision Data Dmitry Sklyarov None Security
Your Crown Jewels Online Ñ Attacks To Sap Web Applications Mariano Croce None Security
Omg Wtf Pdf Ñ What You Didnít Know About Acrobat Julia Wolf None Security
Integration Of The New German Id Card (Npa) In Enterprise Environments Ñ Prospects, Costs & Threats Friedwart Kuhn , Michael Thumann None Security
I Foca A .Mil Domain Chema Alonso None Security
Tales From The Crypt0 Graeme Neilson None Security
Dynamic Program Analysis And Software Exploitation: From The Crash To The Exploit Code Rodrigo Rubira Branco None Security
Ongoing Identity Weaknesses Steve Dispensa , Marsh Ray None Security
Milking A Horse Or Executing Remote Code In Modern Java Web Frameworks Meder Kydyraliev None Security
Future Directions In Malware Detection On Mobile Handsets Andre Egners None Security
Last Minute Change: Adventures In Scada Sergey Bratus , Edmond Rogers None Security
Security Reflections On Multi Function Devices Michael Schaefer , Matthias Luft None Security
Femtocell: Femtostep To The Holy Grail Ravishankar Borgaonkar , Kevin Redon None Security
Risk Panel Annonymous None Security
Do You Know Whatís Happening In Your $Application? Felix Leder None Security
Business Transparency Via Security Dashboards Heiko Kirsch None Security