Blackhat Europe 2011 March 17, 2011 to March 18, 2011, Barcelona, Spain

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Keynote: Cyberwar Bruce Schneier The world is gearing up for cyberwar. The US Cyber Command became operational in November. ... Security
Protecting The Core: Kernel Exploitation Mitigations Patroklos Argyroudis , Dimitrios Glynos The exploitation of operating system kernel vulnerabilities has received a great deal of attention lately. ... Security
Attacking Microcontroller Environments From A Software Perspective Don Bailey Communications technologies are becoming cheaper in today's market, increasing the use of GSM, DECT, NFC, ... Security
Http Parameter Pollution Vulnerabilities In Web Applications Marco Balduzzi While input validation vulnerabilities such as XSS and SQL injection have been intensively studied, a ... Security
Rootkit Detection Via Kernel Code Tunneling Mihai Chiriac We present a novel rootkit detection technique called "kernel code tunneling". The technique uses a ... Security
You Are Doing It Wrong: Failures In Virtualization Systems Claudio Criscione In this talk we explore modern enterprise virtualization and cloud computing systems, discussing why and ... Security
New Age Attacks Against Apple'S Ios (And Countermeasures) Nitesh Dhanjani A single vulnerability in any one of the applications in Apple's app store can result ... Security
Exporting Non-Exportable Rsa Keys Jason Geffner Microsoft Windows provides interfaces to allow applications to store and use cryptographic keys and certificates. ... Security
Building Floodgates: Cutting-Edge Denial Of Service Mitigation Yuri Gushin , Alex Behar Denial of Service attacks have been polluting internet pipes from the days the internet was ... Security
Owning The Data Centre Using Cisco Nx-Os Based Switches George Hedfors Banks and large corporations are constantly upgrading their infrastructure. One of the latest additions to ... Security
Workshop: The Mac Exploit Kitchen Vincenzo Iozzo Learn Mac vulnerability exploitation from master exploit chef Vincenzo Iozzo, who will cook up several ... Security
Escaping From Microsoft Windows Sandboxes Tom Keetch Many applications such as Internet Explorer, Adobe Reader and Google Chrome make use of Microsoft's ... Security
Building Custom Disassemblers Felix ( FX ) Lindner The Reverse Engineer occasionally faces situations where even his most advanced commercial tools do not ... Security
Defying Logic - Theory, Design, And Implementation Of Complex Systems For Testing Application Logic Rafal Los Flaws in the business logic of web-based applications have long been ignored, partly because they ... Security
Workshop: Extending Maltego With Your Applications, Scripts And Data. Andrew Macpherson , Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh The IT security and intelligence community love Maltego – whether it be mapping a target's ... Security
Workshop: Grepping For Gold Wim Remes , Xavier Mertens Don't let wikileaks happen to you !! Let's try this again! System, network and application ... Security
Fuzzing And Debugging Cisco Ios Sebastian Muniz , Alfredo Ortega We'll present a series of alternative tools to facilitate the debugging and reverse engineering process ... Security
Eapeak - Wireless 802.1X Eap Identification And Foot Printing Tool Matthew Neely , Spencer Mcintyre When attacking an 802.11 network that uses 802.1X Enterprise authentication it is key to know ... Security
Stuxnet Redux: Malware Attribution & Lessons Learned Tom Parker Recent incidents commonly thought to be linked to state sponsored activities have given rise to ... Security
Monoculture - The Other Side Damir Rajnovic "The case against monoculture in the computer security space is succinctly given in the executive ... Security
Among The Blind, The Squinter Rules : Security Visualization In The Field. Wim Remes When preparing for a talk on security monitoring, I was fighting hard to add security ... Security
Web Application Payloads Andrès Pablo Riancho Web Application Payloads are the evolution of old school system call payloads which are used ... Security
Breaking Encryption In The Cloud: Gpu Accelerated Supercomputing For Everyone Thomas Roth It has been known since some time now that the massive parallel architecture of modern ... Security
Attacking And Defending The Smart Grid Justin Searle The Smart Grid brings greater benefits for utilities and customer alike, however these benefits come ... Security
Workshop: A Taste Of The Latest Samurai-Wtf Dvd Justin Searle Come take the official Samurai-WTF workshop given by one of the founders and lead developers ... Security
Sap: Session (Fixation) Attacks And Protections (In Web Applications) Raul Siles Session fixation is an old and well-known web application vulnerability since 2002, but still today, ... Security
Exploitation In The Modern Era Chris Valasek , Ryan Smith While we may see the number of bugs disclosed differ from year to year, the ... Security
The Abap Underverse - Risky Abap To Kernel Communication And Abap-Tunneled Buffer Overflows Andreas Wiegenstein While ABAP is an advanced, high level business programming language, it provides several low-level interfaces ... Security