DEF CON 12 July 30, 2004 to Aug. 1, 2004, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Panel: Ask Eff Jennifer Granick , Kevin Bankston , Seth Schoen , Wendy Seltzer , Annalee Newitz None Security
Panel: Meet The Fed None Security
Windows Wavesec Deployment Paul Wouters None Security
Toward A Private Digital Economy Wavyhill , Andre Goldman None Security
Frustrating Os Fingerprinting With Morph Kathy Wang None Security
Exploring Terminal Services, The Last 12 Month Of Research. Or, The Evil Admin And His Tools Ian Vitek None Security
Quantum Hacking Richard Thieme None Security
Cryptomail Encrypted E-Mail For All (Including Grandma) Joshua Teitelbaum , Peter Leung None Security
Bubonic Buffer Overflow Hd Moore None Security
A Comparison Of Buffer Overflow Prevention Implementations And Weaknesses Peter Silberman , Richard Johnson None Security Buffer Overflows
Wireless Weaponry None Security Wireless
When The Tables Turn Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh , Haroon Meer Security
Digitizations And Documentary Jason Scott None Security
Hacking The Spectrum Seth Schoen , Wendy Seltzer None Security
Mixmaster Vs. Reliable Len Sassaman None Security
Steganography, Steganalysis, &Amp; Cryptanalysis Michael T. Raggo None Security
Advanced Netfilter; Content Replacement (Ala Snort_Inline), And Port Knocking Based On Passive Os Fingerprinting Michael Rash None Security
The Def Con Surveys Larry Ponemon None Security
Digital Active Self Defense Laurent Oudot None Security
Automotive Networks Nothingface None Security
Mutating The Mutators Sean O'toole None Security
Real World Privacy, How To Leave Less Of A Trail In Life N0namehere None Security
Better Than Life - Manipulation Of The Human Brain With The Use Of Machines Ne0nra1n None Security
Weaknesses In Satellite Television Protection Schemes Anonymous Speaker Security
Pdtp – The Peer Distributed Transfer Protocol Tony Arcieri None Security
Locking Down Apache Jay Beale None Security
Identification Evasion Adam Bresson None Security
Vice—Catch The Hookers! Jamie Butler None Security
How Do We Get The World To Use Message Security Jon Callas None Security
Program Semantics- Aware Intrusion Detection Tzi-cker Chiueh None Security
Freenet: Taming The World'S Largest Tamagotchi Ian Clarke None Security
Electronic Civil Disobedience And The Republican National Convention Crimethinc None Security
Network Attack Visualization Greg Conti None Security
Ipv6 Primer Gene Cronk None Security IPv6
The Open Source Security Myth—And How To Make It A Reality Michael L. Davis None Security
Hacking The Media, And Avoiding Being Hacked By The Media Dead Addict None Security Media
Dmca, Then And Now Dario D. Diaz None Security
Tor: An Anonymizing Overlay Network For Tcp Roger Dingledine None Security
Far More Than You Ever Wanted To Tell— Hidden Data In Document Formats Maximillian Dornseif None Security
Kryptos And The Cracking Of The Cyrillic Projector Cipher Elonka Dunin None Security
Hacking/Security Mac Osx Server Aka Wussy Panther Charles Edge None Security
Mysql Passwords— Password Strength And Cracking D. Egan None Security
Information Hiding In Executable Binaries Rakan El-khalil None Security
We Can Take It From Here Felix ( FX ) Lindner , Thomas ( Halvar Flake ) Dullien Security
The First International Cyber War Kenneth Geers , Peter D. Feaver None Security
Attacking Windows Mobile Pda’S Seth Fogie None Security
Old Tricks Foofus None Security
Introduction To Hardware Hacking Scott Fullam None Security
This Space Intentionally Left Blank Geoffrey , Mark Farver None Security
What Do You Mean, Privacy? Sarah Gordon None Security
Advanced Hardware Hacking Joe ( Kingpin ) Grand None Security
Tools For Censorship Resistance Rachel Greenstadt None Security
Project Prometheus Grifter , Russ Rogers , Tierra None Security
Rf-Id And Smart-Labels Lukas Grunwald None Security
Down With The Riaa, Musicians Against The Recording Industry Nathan Hamiel None Security
Subliminal Channels In Digital Signatures Seth Hardy None Security
The Insecure Workstation Deral Heiland None Security
Smart Card Security H1kari None Security
Nosebreak—Defeating Honeynets Maximillian Dornseif , Thorsten Holz , Christian Klein None Security
Blind Sql Injection Automation Techniques Cameron “nummish” Hotchkies None Security Automation SQL
Virus, Worms And Trojans: Where Are We Going? Ice Tre None Security
Credit Card Networks Revisted: Penetration In Real-Time Jonathan "ripshy" Duncan , Robert "hackajar" Imhoff-dousharm None Security
Black Ops Of Tcp/Ip 2004 Dan Kaminsky None Security
The Hacker Foundation Jesse Fiedler Krembs , Nick Farr None Security
Bluesnarfing—The Risk From Digital Pickpockets Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie , Martin Herfurt None Security Risk
Google Hacking J0hnny Long None Security
Phreaking In The Age Of Voice Over Ip Lucky 225 None Security
Smile, You’Re On Candid Camera! Kevin Mahaffey None Security
Snake Oil Anonymity Nick Mathewson None Security Anonymity
Hack The Vote: Election 2004 Bev Harris , Rebecca Mercuri None Security
Digex—At The Dawn Of The Commercial Internet Doug Mohney None Security
Shoot The Messenger Brett ( Antic0de ) Moore None Security
Cracking Net2Phone Todd Moore None Security
The History Of The Future Robert Morris None Security
The Advantages Of Being An Amateur Brett Neilson None Security