SEC-T 2008 Sept. 11, 2008 to Sept. 12, 2008, Stockholm, Sweden

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Securing your web applications Patrik Karlsson Are the developers the only ones to blame for poor application security? This talk will ... Security Web AppSec
Developing a Mac OS X kernel based rootkit Torbj\xc3\xb6rn Pettersson There are currently no publicly known kernel rootkits for the latest version of MacOS X ... Security Rootkits
SAP Penetration Testing & Defense In-Depth Mariano Croce While there is plenty of publicly available information on how to assess and sec ure ... SAP Security
Websphere MQ Security Uncovered Martyn Ruks Last year the lid began to be lifted on the unglamorous world of Middleware security ... Security WebSphere MQ
Subverting OpenVMS security Christer \xc3\x96berg , Claes Nyberg , James Tusini The talk focuess on subverting the security of the OpenVMS operating system in a number ... Security VMS OpenVMS
Challenges in modern IT-forensics Bo Norgren Security Computer Forensics
Introduction to Sockstress - A TCP Socket Stress Testing Framework Jack C. Louis , Robert E. Lee This talk will showcase a framework for statelessly creating and maintaining TCP connections in an ... Security
Virtually Secure Oded Horovitz Whether or not security alone will be a reason to virtualize applications, the growing trend ... Virtualization Security
Organised Online Crime Mikko Hypp\xc3\xb6nen Security