SEC-T 2009 Sept. 10, 2009 to Sept. 11, 2009, Stockholm, Sweden

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Assessing the Security Risk of Cloud Computing John W. Pirc The "Cloud" is an emerging utility and delivery model for many IT-based services, in which ... Security Cloud
Fuzzing the Phone in your Phone Collin Mulliner The talk presents research work that was conducted together with Charlie Miller. In this talk ... Mobile Security Security
More Advancements in SQL Injection Techniques Sumit "sid" Siddharth This talk will cover a variety of exploitation as well as identification techniques. Starting with ... Security Web Security SQLi
Searching for Phones on the Internet Sandro Gauci In this talk, subtitled "Adventures with SIPVicious", Sandro will show us the many different kinds ... Security VOIP
Playing in a Satellite environment Ram\xc3\xb3n Pinuaga This presentation is a warning call to those responsible for the companies that use or ... Security Satellite VSAT
Security Posture of our Critical Infrastructure Erik Hjelmvik SCADA and Process Control Systems are used to monitor and control several parts of our ... Security SCADA
Locally Exploiting Wireless Sensors Travis Goodspeed Wireless sensors are often built with a microcontroller and a radio chip, connected only by ... Security Hardware Reverse Engineering
EMV: attacks, solutions, and lessons Saar Drimer Security-critical systems can appear to be secure in theory, but fail when deployed in practice. ... Payment Card Security
Smartcard attacks and magstripe madness Jacob Appelbaum Jacob will present work done together with Joe Grand and Chris Tarnovsky; an evaluation of ... Security SmartCard MagStripe
A day in the life of a hacker Adam ( Major Malfunction ) Laurie Adam is a White Hat Hacker who spends his time traveling from country to country ... Security RFID NFC