Virus Bulletin 2008 Oct. 1, 2008 to Oct. 3, 2008, Ottawa, Canada

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types sample sharing for the next decade? Richard Ford "In the anti-malware industry public discussion of sample exchange is verboten - any discussion regarding ... Security
Panel discussion: The state of anti-malware testing Chaired Taylor Representatives of AMTSO (the AntiMalware Testing Standards Organization), two of the major testing organizations and ... Security
Security in banking forum Nick Fitzgerald A panel of security experts from the banking and financial services sector will speak on ... Security
Where do your users want to go today and can you stop them? Bruce Hughes New surveys recently conducted have found that more than a quarter of employers have fired ... Security
Crawling the Dark Web Tony Lee "In recent years, HTTP has become the predominant distribution channel for malicious programs and potentially ... Security
Clean data profiling Catherine Robinson The volume of malicious software being created at present is so high that it has ... Security
Mapping and understanding extinction patterns for viruses and worms over 15 years Joe Wells The author began collating commonality of viruses in 1991. In February 1993, Virus Bulletin began ... Security
Rebuilding testing for the future Igor Vignoles "This presentation discusses several aspects related to testing the ability of security products to detect ... Security
Game-theoretic framework to assess attack-resistance of an AV system Bin Mai "Malware authors are continuously probing an anti-virus system (AVS) for its vulnerabilities and developing new ...
When the hammer falls - effects of successful widespread disinfection on malware development and direction Matt Mccormack "The arms race between the anti-virus industry and concerted malware developers continues to escalate. Microsoft's ... Security
Automatic rules-based binary analysis with IDA Pro and CLIPS Ryan Hicks IDA Pro is the premier disassembler used by reverse-engineering and malware analysis specialists. CLIPS is ... Security
Here comes the flood/end of the pattern file David Perry Recent reports list 2007 as the year of the greatest number of tracked threats in ... Security
The name of the dose: does malware naming still matter? Pierre-marc Harley "Years ago, when alt.comp.virus was still useful, 'Name that virus' was a popular virtual party ... Security
Malware development life cycle Raymond Roberts "In recent years malware has transcended its 'not so humble' beginnings to evolve in complexity ... Security
Darwin inside the machines: malware evolution and the consequences for computer security Peter Sz\xf6r Recent advances in anti-malware technologies have steered the security industry away from maintaining vast signature ...
What just bit me? Gabrielle Dowling "Traditional anti-virus has become a flimsy protective layer vis a vis prevention of infection due ... Security
Network access control technologies Benjamin Czarny Cisco, Microsoft and the Trusted Computing Group are battling to control the keys to locking ... Security
Last-minute presentations: 14:00 Status "14:00 - 14:20 VB testing - present status, future plans, John Hawes, Virus Bulletin VB's ...
Using throttling and traffic shaping to combat botnet spam Ken Simpson "Ken Simpson describes his research into spammer behaviour and explains how spammers' impatience can be ... Security
Non-English spam: a case study Vipul Sharma There had been a significant increase in the volume and sophistication of non-English spam over ... Security
Report card on a network based anti-worm defence system John Morris "At VB2002, Nortel presented its network-based anti-worm defence system that it used on its internal ... Security
Affiliate web-based malware Paul Baccas "For the past year researchers at SophosLabs have been tracking malicious websites with our technology ... Security
Graph, entropy and grid computing: automatic comparison of malware Ismael briones Vilar "Nowadays AV laboratories are saturated with huge collections of malware which are received daily. It's ... Security
Modern day magic on the Internet (social engineering) Greg Day "Wikipedia defines social engineering as 'based on specific attributes of human decision-making known as cognitive ... Security
Playing with shadows - exposing the black market for online game password theft Chun Feng "Malicious software that targets online games has become increasingly prevalent over the past couple of ... Security
Applying user-mode memory scanning on Windows NT Eric uday Kumar Memory-resident malware and malware persistent over reboots have since long been the most challenging to ... Security
Web security's Achilles heel: browser-borne vulnerabilities Doug Camplejohn "Although many organizations already deploy security measures to block illicit sites that can infect unsuspecting ... Security
Towards integrated malware defence Morton Swimmer For many reasons, our systems still contain vulnerabilities and are likely always to do so ... Security
Packer visualisation: a fast entropy scanning algorithm that preserves local detail Tim Ebringer "Entropy or randomness calculations can be a fast way to estimate whether a file is ...
Tackling parasitic (piggy-back) spam Ashish Aggarwal The tug-of-war between spammers and anti-spammers has been growing and getting stronger day by day. ... Security
The NorTel Mailer: effective open-source spam filtering for enterprises Chris Choi Spam is an expensive problem for enterprises because it not only poses a threat to ... Security
A look at defence in depth Kenneth Bechtel "In the past I wrote a paper for the Secure Focus website on defence in ... Security
The robustness of new email identification standards Patrik Ostrihon Vulnerabilities in email protocols allow spammers to readily hide their true identities. This has motivated ...
The malware business David Emm "The threat landscape has changed significantly in recent years. Until a few years ago, viruses ... Security
Stormy Weather: a quantitative assessment of the Storm web threat in 2007 Raimund Genes "The mixed web threat known as Storm is widely acknowledged as the most significant digital ... Security
Taxonomy of web-based malware - finding rules for heuristic detection Fraser Svajcer Scripts embedded in HTML pages have been responsible for a large proportion of wide-scale malware ... Security
Coordinated distributions method for tracking botnets sending out spam Andrey Bakhmutov It is well known that large quantities of spam are now being sent by networks ... Security
Russian spammers: the view from Russia Darya Gudkova "Russia is now in second place among the countries which act as sources of spam. ... Security
Why malware = business risk: the evolving malware ecosystem Tom Bowers The days of simple malware are long gone, replaced by a malware ecosystem so organized ... Security
Google vs evil Ivan Macalintal "In this era of web threats when more than 95% of computer crimes occur in ... Security
Fight against the anonymous: a deep look at the custom packer Xiaodong Tan "More and more custom packers are in the wild nowadays. Custom packers are always the ... Security
Understanding and teaching bots and botnets Randy Abrams "Bots and botnets suck, so what better to teach about them than a vacuum cleaner? ... Security
Who will test the testers? David Lee The anti-malware industry has been plagued since its earliest days by one poorly designed comparative ... Security
SCADA security - who is really in control of our control systems? Peter Allor "No longer are hackers blasting far-reaching worms. They are quietly targeting government, financial and communications ... Security
Keynote address: The AV industry: Quo Vadis? Alex Eckelberry "A recording of Alex Eckelberry's keynote address is available here. " Security
Life beyond outbreaks - marketing in today's threat environment Jeff Aboud "We all remember the mass outbreaks of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Malware such ... Security
How secure is your virtualized network? Joshua Corman "Virtualization is one of the most significant IT trends of the decade and promises to ... Security
Your computer is now stoned (...again!). The rise of MBR rootkits Kimmo Kasslin "The war against invisible malware has been taken down to a new battleground, the lowest ...
TBC Tbc Security
VCC - Virus Control Center: a home-grown helpdesk application to efficiently handle the never-ending flood of malware Oliver Auerbach "In January 2008 published statistics about the rapid increase in the volume of new ... Security
Intentions of capitalistic malware Gunter Ollmann "Following established capitalistic traditions, malware authors have adopted a mercenary approach to their new malicious ... Security
Malware forensics: detecting the unknown Martin Overton "VB thanks Martin Overton for stepping in at the last minute with his presentation 'Malware ... Security