Virus Bulletin 2007 Sept. 19, 2007 to Sept. 21, 2007, Vienna, Austria

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
eSWAT: a spyware-resistant virtual keyboard William Allen "One of the largest problems in e-commerce is enabling users to safely submit confidential information ...
Stopping malware at the gateway: challenges and solutions Martin Stecher Anti-malware scanning at a gateway has different requirements than anti-malware scanning at a client or ... Security
Pump-n-dump for fun & profit: an in-depth look into stock spam and brokerage account compromise operations Dmitri Alperovitch "Text and image-based spam containing 'hot tips' about stocks traded on the Pink Sheets or ...
New approaches to categorising economically-motivated digital threats Anthony Arrott While no generally accepted industry standard for categorizing digital threats has been established, various categorization ...
Future threats John Aycock Research into future security threats is not always taken kindly by all members of the ...
Virusability of modern mobile environments Vesselin Bontchev The vast majority of currently existing malware for mobile devices (PDAs, smart phones, etc.) is ... Security
Malware removal - beyond content and context scanning Tom Brosch "Detecting threats is only one of the things anti-malware software needs to be capable of ...
Unpacking PE files on Windows Mobile Nicolas Brulez As a testament to the surge in popularity of the Windows Mobile operating system, market ... Security
Once upon a time a trojan... Luis Corrons "This is the story about how what seemed to be 'just another trojan' evolved into ... Security
Anti-rootkit safeguards: welcome Vista Aleksander Czarnowski This is a follow-up to my VB2006 presentation and contains updated information regarding Windows Vista. ... Security
Application forensics Tim Ebringer "Computer forensics has traditionally focused on the acquisition, analysis and presentation of 'images' of storage ... Security
Formal model proposal for (malware) program stealth Eric Filiol Recent advances in stealth techniques have dramatically increased the malware hazard. More recently, rootkits like ... Security
Playing dirty: evolving security threats in the gaming world Amir Fouda "Game-targeting malicious software has been the quiet achiever in the malware landscape over the past ...
The Spammers' Compendium: five years on John Graham-cumming "Almost five years ago at the first MIT Spam Conference I gave a talk in ... Security
A testing methodology for rootkit removal effectiveness Josh Harriman Testing the effectiveness of an anti-rootkit product can prove difficult because of one simple fact. ... Security
Patching. Is it always with the best intentions? Alex Hinchcliffe "Over the years, malicious software has attempted every trick in the book when it comes ...
Anti-malware expert system Kyu-beom Hwang "The EXPERT system is a useful approach for analysing malware or other kinds of software. ...
Transforming victims into cyber-border guards: education as a defence strategy Jeannette Jarvis "Protecting an enterprise from computer malware requires a multi-tiered security product and process approach. This ... Security
'Last-minute' presentations Reza Rajabiun "14:00 - 14:20 Reza Rajabiun. High-speed image part recognitiondownload slides (PDF)As anti-spam filters have improved ...
DSD Tracer - implementation and experimentation Boris Lau Modern malware analysis is shifting towards dynamic behavioural analysis to assist static analysis in combating ... Security
Crawling the dark web Tony Lee "In recent years, malware including spyware are increasingly hosted on web servers, distributed via exploits ... Security
Phish phodder: is user education helping or hindering? Andrew Lee "Mostly, security professionals can spot a phish a mile off. If they do err, it's ...
Menace 2 the wires: advances in the business models of cybercriminals Guillaume Lovet "Today, the profits generated by cybercrime worldwide are somewhere between 50 billion and 100 billion ... Security
A deeper look at malware - the whole story Bryan Lu "Despite researcher curiosities about how each and every type of malware works, the cyber world ... Security
The WildList is dead, long live the WildList! Andreas Marx "For a very long time, the WildList was the accepted standard for all kind of ...
UAC: operating system policia or 'free bird' Erwin Balunsat In this paper I will talk about the much discussed topic of Windows Vista and ... Security
Have you got anything without spam in it? Tim Ebringer "In 2005 we investigated a unique and novel family of malware, generally known as the ... Security
Panel discussion: The fight against international cyber crime - enforcing the law David Thomas "A panel of US and European law enforcement representatives will provide insights into the workings ...
Browsing the deeps - a look into malware in the web Sami Rautiainen "In today's world, more and more applications are moving into the web. In the networked ... Security
Detecting spam pictures using statistical features Sandor Antal The problem we want to solve is to detect spam messages which contain essential information ... Security
A road to big money: evolution of automation methods in malware development Maksym Schipka "Malware writers keep looking for better and better ways to increase the window of vulnerability ... Security
Continual feature selection: a cost effective method for enhancing the capabilities of enterprise spam solutions Vipul Sharma "The effectiveness of content-based spam filters is directly related to the quality of the features ... Security
Pimp my PE: taming malicious and malformed executables Casey Sheehan "A foundational requirement in the security world is the ability to robustly parse and analyse ... Security
The strange case of Julie Amero Alex Shipp On 5 January 2007, Julie Amero was tried and convicted of four counts of risk ... Security
Changing battleground: security against targeted, low-profile attacks Abhilash Sonwane "If Code Red, Netsky, Nimda and Slammer were the attention seeking, boisterous bunch of Internet ... Security
The trojan money spinner Mika Stahlberg It is obvious that as more and more money moves online, criminals who want to ... Security
Application control for malware protection Vanja Svacjer "Traditionally, protection against malicious software has relied on the known bad characteristic of file structure, ... Security
Insecurity and malware in virtual universes Morton Swimmer "Virtual universes, which used to be the domain of gamers, have been growing up recently ...
What a waste - the AV community DoS-ing itself Joe Telafici AV vendors attempting to keep up with the current flood of malware are faced with ...
Are viruses (and antivirus products) doomed to extinction? Joe Wells "On a recent WildList, only 24 threats were either true viruses or non-static worms; compared ... Security
Towards new standards for real-time evaluation of anti-virus products Vlad Gorelik "There is a desperate need for new test standards for today's anti-virus products. The dominant ...
Spy-phishing - a new breed of blended threats Jamz Yaneza "This paper will investigate an emerging threat, which Trend Micro calls 'spy-phishing', and explain not ... Security
Apple Media Files and iPhone Marius van Oers Apple has a big marketshare when it comes to digital music players, its various versions ... Security
Responding to a software security incident, from communication to resolution Henk van Roest "Software security incidents can range from the benign to those that could be experienced by ... Security
Virus linguistics - searching for ethnic words Masaki Suenaga "Most viruses 'speak' in English, and English-'speaking' mass-mailing worms tend to spread worldwide. Virus analysts ... Security
The marriage of spam and malware: Implications for SMTP malware defence Peter Eicher Once considered two distinct entities, spam and email-borne malware are becoming increasingly similar. Both take ... Security
Hurricane approach: 'false Positive' whens, not ifs Mario Vuksan "Are we our own worst enemy? Over-detection of malicious samples (especially through heuristics and behavioral ... Security
The journey so far: trends, graphs and statistics Martin Overton "An updated version of Martin's paper can also be found on his website here. " Security