DEF CON 10 Aug. 2, 2002 to Aug. 4, 2002, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Stage Biometric Authentication Nate Rotschafer None Security
Selling Out For Fun And Profit Hellnbak None Security
Wolves Among Us Gobbles Security None Security
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Nlp) Mystic None Security
Lids Huagang Xie None Security
Bsd Security Fundamentals Sean Lewis None Security
Covert Channels In Tcp And Ip Headers Andrew Hintz None Security
Stealthful Sniffing, Logging, And Intrusion Detection:Useful And Fun Things You Can Do Without An Ip Address Mick Bauer None Security
Setiri: Advances In Trojan Technology Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh , Haroon Meer Security
Introduction To Writing Spiders &Amp; Web Agents Michael Schrenk None Security Web
Steganographic Trojans Michael Rogers None Security
Introduction To Computer Viruses:Understanding The Fundamentals Of How To Identify, Remove And Defend Against Hostile Code Robert V1ru5 Lupo None Security
Advanced Shellcodes Fozzy None Security
Cryptography And Steganography Elonka Dunin None Security Cryptography
Intelligence Gathering Vic Vandal None Security
Making A Non-Portable Computer System Portable Technodragon None Security
Sql Injection Kevin Spett None Security SQL
Resurrecting The Scene Through Local 'Hacker' Meetings Skrooyou & Grifter , Grifter None Security
Freebsd Exploits &Amp; Remedies Rich Murphey None Security
Hardening Solaris Installs Chris Hurley None Security
Bastille Linux 2.0: Six Operating Systems And Still Going! Jay Beale None Security
Wireless Networking Bruce Potter , Tony ( Xam ) Kapela , Adam Shand None Security Wireless
Building Secure Wireless Networks Zsnark None Security Wireless
Anatomy Of Denial Of Service Mitigation Testing Gregory S. Miles None Security Testing
Replacing Tripwire With Snmpv3 Matthew Marsh None Security
Black Ops Of Tcp/Ip: Work Nat, Work. Good Nat. Woof Dan Kaminsky Security
Mobile Vpn Vulnerabilities &Amp; Solutions Brett Eldridge None Security
Community Wireless Networks: Friend Or Foe To The Telecom Industry Ken Caruso None Security Wireless Community
Citrix And Terminal Services Ian Vitek None Security
Hacking .Net Server Seth Fogie , Cyrus Pekiri None Security
High Security Locks, And Access Control Products Michael Glasser Crl , Laz None Security Access
Lock Picking: Techniques And Tools For High Security Gingerbread Man None Security
Attacking Networked Embedded Systems Felix ( FX ) Lindner , Ftr None Security
Web Application Brute Forcing 101 - Enemy Of The State (Mechanism) Michael Sutton , David Endler None Security Web
Snmp Attacks/Security Dj Sweet Sensation None Security
Security At Kernel Level Philippe Biondi None Security
Disclosure: The Mother Of All Vulnerabilities Panel Discussion None Security
The Other Side Of Information Security Wilco Van Ginkel None Security
1992 ... 2002 ... 2012 ...Hacking: The Next Ten Years Richard Thieme None Security
Widdershins: The Hacker Nation Simple Nomad None Security
Trusted Computing Platform Alliance:The Mother(Board) Of All Big Brothers Lucky Green None Security
Dmitry Sklyarov And The Dmca: 12 Months Later Joe Burton , William Reilly None Security
Consumer Media Protections Adam Bresson None Security Media
The Politics Of Vulnerabilities Scott Blake None Security
Operating System Fingerprinting Library T3-fred Trotter None Security
Extreme Ip Backtracing Jason Schultz , Lawrence Baldwin None Security
Gnu Radio Steve Schear None Security
Rubicon - An Extensible Gateway Ids Ian Peters None Security
Correlation &Amp; Tracking Of Distributed Ids Dan Burroughs None Security
Xprobe, The Year After Ofir Arkin None Security
Applescript (In) Security In Os X Agent Oj None Security
Anonymity Services And The Law: How To Safely Provide Anonymous Technology On The Internet Len Sassaman None Security Anonymity
Post 9/11 Privacy John Q. Newman None Security Privacy
Anonymous, Secure, Open Electronic Cash Ryan Lackey None Security
Stealth Data Dispersal: Icmp Moon-Bounce Khan None Security
Gnunet Christian Grothoff None Security
The Usa Patriot Act &Amp; You Jennifer Granick None Security
The Mixminion Anonymous Remailer Protocol Roger Dingledine None Security
Freenet, Past, Present, And Future Direction Ian Clarke None Security
Using Filesystem Crypto And Other Approaches To Protect Your Data/Privacy On Bsd And Linux Thomas J. Munn , Tgr2mfx None Security
Dc Phone Home Christopher Davis , Aaron Higbee None Security
Securing Your Windows Internet Server Humperdink None Security
Should Organizations Employ Hackers?Implications Drawn From The Bookhacking Of America John Dodge None Security
It Is Now Safe To Compile Your Phone System Rich Bodo None Security
Attacking &Amp; Securing Ftp Jay Beale None Security
Quantum Computing 101: How To Crack Rsa Dr. Daugherity None Security
Next Generation Data Forensics &Amp; Linux Thomas Farmerdude None Security Forensics
Layer 2, Routing Protocols, Router Security &Amp; Forensics Nicholas Lacoste-seris None Security Routing Forensics
Network Printers And Other Network Devices, Vulnerabilities And Fixes Dennis Littlewolf None Security