Virus Bulletin 2005 Oct. 5, 2005 to Oct. 7, 2005, Dublin, Ireland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Desktop search: a new platform for malware scanning? Andy Payne "Desktop search is quickly becoming a core operating system component. Local search engines provide a ...
Defeating polymorphism: beyond emulation Adrian e. Stepan "The most used method of detecting malware relies on signatures extracted from the malware body. ... Security
Anonymous and Malicious John Aycock Zombie networks have been used for spamming and DDoS attacks. Worms have been designed to ...
Insecurity in security software Andreas Marx Data security software and, in particular, AV programs are widely deployed throughout companies, organizations, and ...
Teach your children well David Harley An article by Eddy Willems in the August 2004 edition of VB discussed his research ...
The strange case of Judith C. David Perry "Throughout my experience in the computer virus industry, at least once per year a customer ... Security
Genotype spam detection Dmitry Samosseiko There is a growing similarity and convergence between spam and virus threats, spammers and virus ... Security
Implementing an enterprise anti-virus and anti-spam strategy, adventures in the real world Earl Greer " As Robert Heinlein said, there is no security this side of the grave. Therefore ...
Towards agile reverse engineering Frederic Perriot "Over the last 50 years, software engineering has progressed from a black art to a ... Security
A practical understanding of malware security Greg Day In the past decade we have seen the time between first discovery of attack and ... Security
Solving the Bagle jigsaw Scott Molenkamp "In recent times, there has been a developing trend in the malware scene - using ...
Manipulating the Internet Igor Muttik Traditionally viruses and other malware were distributed using push techniques – viruses themselves or malware ... Security
What makes Symbian malware tick Jarno Niemel\xc3\xa4 Predicting future malware on a new platform is difficult. Thus it is not surprising, that ... Security
The twisted family tree of the Transponder Gang Joe Telafici " ABetterInternet. Shopnav. TopMoxie. Ebates. Searchcentrix. TwainTech. MX-Targeting. IPInsight. Dashbar. ZServ. Vx2. All of the ...
The evolution of IRC bots John Canavan Over the last year, we have seen an explosive growth of IRC bots. New variants ... Security
Threats and risks to mobile phones in Japan Kaoru Hayashi Mobile phone technology in Japan is far more advanced than most other countries. More than ... Security
Hide 'n seek revisited – full stealth is back Kimmo Kasslin "Rootkits are designed to hide information. They are no longer utilized only by highly skilled ... Security
VF-Atak (Virus Flood Attack on desktop anti-virus programs) Lucijan Caric Have you ever considered the possibility of your trusty desktop anti-virus being bombarded with thousands ...
Tracing execution paths Maksym Schipka "When all of your senses tell you that a piece of malware is broken, but ... Security
A behavioural analysis of information-stealing malware Matthew M. Williamson "Malicious code that steals information is becoming increasingly common as the information gathered can be ... Security
Win32/Blaster: a case study from Microsoft’s perspective Matthew Braverman On August 11, 2003, the world of mobile malicious code changed with the release of ... Security
Legislation & technology: a coordinated approach toward achieving effective anti-spam law enforcement Matthew Prince "Around the world more than 75 governments have passed anti-spam laws. Governments have tried both ... Security
Effective security policy management Michael d. Thacker Whether you have a large IT infrastructure or a small one, well defined security policies ... Security
Best practices for evaluating anti-spam solutions Nathan Turajski Administrators are often perplexed during their evaluation of anti-spam solutions due to the various techniques ... Security
Why ‘user authentication’ is a bad idea Nick Fitzgerald SPF, Caller-ID, Sender ID and DomainKeys are all, to varying degrees, user authentication schemes being ... Security
Executable encryption for Pocket PC and SmartPhone devices Nicolas Brulez "Nowadays, mobile devices are popular and attacks targeting them are starting to surface. Cabir for ... Security
Who is hiding the virus writers? David Perry It would not be a day in the computer anti-virus industry without an accusation of ... Security
Dying for information in the information age Gabrielle Dowling During a roundtable discussion at last year’s conference, Jeanette Jarvis mentioned that her firm has ... Security
Mapping the email universe Paul Judge Three years ago, the spam battle focused solely on detecting the spam messages present within ...
Defining rules for acceptable adware Jason Bruce Adware has a place in computer software as much as television advertising does on commercial ... Security
Combined hardware/software solutions to malware and spam control Steve Posniak " This paper will focus primarily on the experiences of a group of 21 US ... Security
Current status of the CARO malware naming scheme Vesselin Bontchev The CARO malware naming scheme was created almost 15 years ago. To this date, it ... Security
DEeP Protection or a Bit of a NiX? A closer look at Microsoft’s new memory protection offerings Charles Renert Microsoft’s Data Execution Protection (DEP) is a new feature embedded in Windows operating systems that ... Security
Enhanced virus protection Costin Raiu "AMD Athlon 64 CPU Feature: HyperTransport technology Cool'n'Quiet technology Enhanced Virus Protection for Microsoft Windows ... Security
Reverse engineering and Java viral analysis Daniel Reynaud-plantey Reverse engineering of Java class files is quite different from traditional reverse engineering and some ... Security
Malware in popular networks Dmitry Gryaznov While outbreaks of mass-mailing viruses are making the news, the much greater number of non-replicating ... Security
Techniques of adware and spyware Eric Chien A whole class of threats commonly known as adware and spyware has proliferated over the ... Security
Pseudo-words for spam detection in an unmodified Naive Bayesian Text Classifier John Graham-cumming The POPFile program has proved highly accurate at spam detection with a low false positive ... Security
Bots and botnets – risks, issues and prevention Martin Overton Many corporate security staff have a rather vague understanding of bots and botnets – not ... Security
2004 – 2005: commercial and non-commercial attempts to fight spam Oren Drori With the exponential rise in spam over the past two years, a number of commercial ... Security
The self-defending network a resilient network Steen Pedersen One of the major problems with the current network viruses and worms is that it ... Security
Generic unpacking – how to handle modified or unknown PE compression engines? Tobias Graf Current Agobot collections show that open source crypters like YodaCrypter will become a bigger threat ... Security