Virus Bulletin 2004 Sept. 29, 2004 to Oct. 1, 2004, Chicago, USA

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LIV - the Linux integrated viruswall Teobaldo Medeiros "We present LIV - The Linux Integrated Viruswall, a system developed to protect networks containing ...
Antivirus outbreak response testing and impact Andreas Marx "Often referred to as the 'window of vulnerability', the reaction time between when a new ... Security
A novel approach to improve scanners using fuzzy logic Amit Saxena Anti-virus programs or scanners are one of the common ways to protect our precious data ...
Unpacking strategies Alex Shipp One recurring theme that malware writers have been using for many years is to use ... Security
Discussion: AVIEWS Live! Andrew Lee Join members of AVIEWS in a live version of what goes on on an AVIEWS ... Security
Preventing the next blast - the necessity of intrusion prevention systems in the fight against malware infections Brian Gault "Organizations continue to struggle with malware attacks that cripple their network performance and connectivity. This ...
CSI - cyber security investigators Bryan Sartin "The use of forensics analysis in information security is growing, much in response to a ... Security
Proactive detection of code injection worms Charles Renert "Some of today's most dangerous worms are finding ways to compromise systems by injecting and ... Security
Panel discussion: Single vendor vs. multiple vendor Shawn Campbell What is the best anti-virus strategy? Single vendor or multiple vendors? Shawn Campbell, global anti-virus ... Security
Panel discussion: What is an infection? Led Perry "Despite many efforts to normalize the naming conventions and taxonomy of the AV world, we ... Security
The return of script viruses Eric Chien While new classes of viruses are discovered each year, few are of concern and even ... Security
Principles and practise of x-raying Peter Ferrie , Frederic Perriot X-raying designates a virus detection method relying on a known-plaintext attack on the virus body. ...
Advanced survival techniques in recent Internet worms Gabor Szappanos "The early email worms did not pay much attention to their target selection. They either ... Security
Watch the money-go-round, watch the malware-go-round Heather Goudey "While the lawless Wild West metaphor for the Internet has been used for some time, ... Security
Trapping worms in a virtual net Hamish O'Dea "A good test environment has long been one of the most useful tools at the ... Security
Electronically transmitted disease? H.w. Lebourgeois Computer virus infection (CVI) may be a significant, adverse experience for computer users as a ... Security
How to achieve 10Gbps performance for integrated anti-virus and anti-spam network-based security systems Jon Curnyn A growing trend within the anti-virus (AV) and anti-spam (AS) world is the use of ... Security
The waxing and waning of spammers' trickery John Graham-cumming Since January 2003 Sophos has been publically archiving and explaining tricks that spammers use to ... Security
Combating serious and organized hi-tech crime John Lyons "John Lyons, Crime Reduction Coordinator at the UK's National Hi-Tech Crime Unit, will describe how ... Security
Corporate spam fighting: 5 years of success and the lessons learned John Morris "By the mid-1990s, it was already becoming clear that spam was going to become a ...
Canning more than SPAM with Bayesian filtering Martin Overton "When most people think of tools to combat malware, very few will give a passing ... Security
A traveller's diary - one organization's journey to improve its anti-virus infrastructure Margaret Patton " This presentation will take you on a journey. This journey is one that the ... Security
Malicious media - ASF scripting Marius van Oers "Popular peer to peer transfer files like .MP3, .ASF and .JPG files are until now ... Security
Virus throttling for instant messaging Matthew M. Williamson "At VB 2003, Neal Hindocha and Eric Chien [1] presented on the dangers of malware ...
Unknown virus detection and prevention Paul Hodgson This paper rejects as unrealistic the assumption that unknown novel viruses can be prevented from ... Security
Spam epidemiology: on measuring the progress toward solving the global spam Paul Judge "While the headlines have continuously cited for nearly two years the increasing volume of spam ...
Gatekeeper II: new approaches to generic virus prevention Richard Ford The need for reliable detection of rapidly spreading worms has never been higher; viruses like ...
Next generation peer-to-peer threats - from mild to wild Robert Freeman "The peer-to-peer network medium is gaining attention from the media, organizations working to protect copyright ... Security
Lies, damn lies and computer virus costs... Steve Garfink "Question: How much did damages from computer viruses cost in 2003? $15 Billion $55 Billion ...
Remove the anonymous email sender Steen Pedersen "One of the major problems with SPAM and viruses is that the sender can easily ... Security
The effect of computer virus outbreaks on anti-virus companies Sunil k. Shrestha This paper presents financial performance of anti-virus companies based on computer virus occurrence, computer virus ...
Secure mobile code execution service Tzi-cker Chiueh "Mobile code refers to programs that come into a host computer over the network and ... Security
A worm's evolution Tomer Honen "Malicious codes come and go; some even spawn a few variants. The Bagle family of ... Security