Virus Bulletin 2002 Sept. 26, 2002 to Sept. 27, 2002, New Orleans, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Heuristics: retrospective and future Richard Marko The role of heuristics is discussed. Pros and cons arguments are presented in view of ... Security
32-bit virus threats on 64-bit Windows Atli Gudmundsson Traditionally, Intel and Microsoft have maintained backward compatibility with older versions of their products. The ... Security
AVIEN - what a trip! Robert Vibert In the past two years, a remarkable change has occurred in the world of anti-virus ... Security
The administrator's guide to behaviour blocking Carey Nachenberg Over the past year and a half, blended threats - threats that combine worm-like propagation ...
Corporate anti-virus best practices Jeannette Jarvis Corporate anti-virus best practices means utilizing tools and processes inside and outside of the general ... Security
What's the big idea? David Perry " Anti-virus products have frequently been labelled `snake oil', `addictive models' and other punishing labels. ... Security
Blended attacks: exploits, vulnerabilites and buffer overflow techniques in computer viruses Eric Chien Exploits, vulnerabilities, and buffer-overflow techniques have been used by malicious hackers and virus writers for ...
e-bugs: should anti-virus products detect them? Graham Cluley "Recently there have been media reports about the FBI's use of software to monitor the ... Security
TBC Guy Vancollie TBC Security
How to use live viruses as an education tool Klas Scholdstrom Many companies and organizations have great problems in educating their staff as to how to ... Security
Evolution of an automated virus scanning system Randy Abrams " This presentation will describe and demonstrate the automated virus scanning system used in Product ... Security
The evolution of managing viruses in a large corporation Ed Hahn IBM has had central virus management in place since the early 1990s. This presentation will ... Security
Remodelling the fortress: responding to new freedoms and new threats in 2002 and beyond Joe Donovan " Back in 1999, Prudential Financial embarked on a large-scale enhancement of its anti-virus architecture. ... Security
The four faces of a virus researcher James m. Wolfe " For some time there has been a discussion in the AV community as to ... Security
Free anti-virus techniques Nick Fitzgerald " Anti-virus experts typically advocate adopting a multi-layered approach to implementing virus protection, particularly in ... Security
Are there any polymorphic macro viruses at all? (...and what to do with them) Gabor Szappanos This presentation will investigate how the currently known polymorphic macro viruses fit into the usual ... Security
When worlds collide: head banging in IT security Martin Overton " This paper will investigate the differences in the way security issues are approached in ... Security
The Win32 worms: classification and possibility of heuristic detection Taras Malivanchuk The Win32 platform executable worms have been the most widely distributed malware for a long ... Security
Cleaning up the mess: time to redefine 'disinfection'? Gergely Erdelyi " The meaning of the term `disinfection' has changed during recent years. Today's increasingly complex ... Security
Java 2 ME - a playground for malicious code? Markus Schmall Java itself has been known for several years. Within the last years this programming language ... Security
Hidden under the hood - Linux backdoors Sami Rautiainen " During the past year there has been no global outbreaks of Linux worms or ... Security
Macro and script virus polymorphism Vesselin Bontchev In an attempt to make their viruses more difficult to detect, virus authors are resorting ...
Fighting network worms in a large corporate environment Joe Waddington " In 2001, Code Red 2 and Nimda drove home the risks network worms can ...
Is your e-business secure? Torin Lee As consumers and businesses become increasingly comfortable with the concept of e-commerce, the amount of ... Security
Are there any polymorphic macro viruses at all? Gabor Szappanos This presentation will investigate how the currently known polymorphic macro viruses fit into the usual ... Security
What's next - prediciting the future by looking at the past Alex Shipp There are very few viruses that are truly innovative - most build in some way ... Security
How to smell a RAT - remote administration tools vs backdoor Trojans Jakub Kaminski " One of the trends we have been observing for some time now is the ...
Software restriction policies in Windows XP John Lambert This session shows how to use Software Restriction Policies in Windows XP and Windows.NET Server ... Security
Retrospective testing - how good heuristics really work Andreas Marx " Currently, there are no exact test details available as to how well the heuristics ... Security
Sandbox II: Internet Kurt Natvig " Last year I presented how a simulated computer, which is integrated inside the scanner ... Security
Malware in a small pot Costin Raiu " Just over a year ago, in early July, the Net witnessed the emergence of ... Security
How squeaky are your wheels? - measuring the health of a user population John Alexander " This paper will discuss a specific analysis of desktop-based virus alerts conducted within our ... Security
Computer viruses and the law Meiring de Villiers A transmittor of a computer virus can be prosecuted under criminal law, or sued for ... Security
Attacks on .NET - Un'CLR future Francisco fernandez Guerra " Microsoft has been working on the .NET Framework over three years, in an attempt ...
Booting the unbootable Tomo Sombolac Today, among the most prevalent viruses are those written to attack Windows 32-bit executables. Beside ...
Unix malware analysis after break-in Aleksander Czarnowski If you look at the CERT/CC annual report for the year 2001 you might be ... Security
Virus patrol: five years of scanning the USENET Dmitry Gryaznov Virus Patrol is an automated distributed system that scans Usenet newsgroups for viruses, Trojans and ... Security
A year of WormCatching Roger Thompson By the time VB 2002 rolls around, the WormCatcher project will have been running for ... Security