DEF CON 09 July 13, 2001 to July 15, 2001, Las Vegas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Attacking Control, Routing, And Tunneling Protocols. Felix ( FX ) Lindner None Security Network
Grabbing User Credentials Via W2K Odbc Libraries. Thor None Security
Introducing X: Playing Tricks With Icmp Ofir Arkin None Security
Windows Nt And Novell Host Based Intrusion Detection Using Native Logging And 3Rdparty Log Reporting Tools Robert Grill , Michael Cohen None Security
Tcp/Ip Intelligent Agents: The Future Of Electronic Warfare And Defense Mark Grimes None Security
8 Bits And 8 Pins: More Fun With Microcontroller Hacking Phil King None Security Hardware General
Hardware Mods Technodragon None Security
A Perl Script That Tracks Dos Attacks Across Cisco Backbones Raven Alder None Security Network
Securing Cisco Routers Robert Muncy None Security
Using Openbsd, Snort, Linux And A Few Other Tricks To Set Up A Transparent *Active* Ids Thomas J. Munn None Security
Designing Small Payloads Anders Ingeborn None Exploitation Security
The Captive Portal Bruce Potter , Adam Pridgen None Security
Falling Dominoes Kevin Mcpeake , Chris Goggans None Security
Gateway Cryptography: Hacking Impossible Tunnels Through Improbable Networks With Openssh And The Gnu Privacy Guard Dan Kaminsky None Security Privacy
Ebooks Security €“ Theory And Practice Dmitry Sklyarov , Andy Malyshev None Security
Kis: Kernel Intrusion System Optyx None Security
Cypherpunk Grade Covert Network Channels Jason Peel None Security Cryptography Network
Polymorphic Shell Code Api K2 None Security
Evaluating Vpn Solutions Rob Schein None Security
Data Mining With Php Adam Bresson None Security
Survey Of Country-Wide Web Server Security Biing Jong Lin , Chieh Chun Lin , Jan Che Su None Security Web
Designing Secure Interfaces For Dummies Nick Farr None Security
Hacking A Trans-Planetary Net Richard Thieme None Security
802.11B War Driving And Lan Jacking Peter Shipley None Security Wireless
Hacker Doctrine In Information Warfare Michael Wilson None Security
Firewalling Wireless Devices Marcus Andersson None Security Wireless
Attacking And Securing Redhat Jay Beale None Security
Applying Information Warfare Theory To Generate A Higher Level Of Knowledge From Current Ids Daniel J. Burroughs None Security Intrusion Detection
Arranging An Anonymous Rendezvous: Privacy Protection For Internet Servers Ian Goldberg None Security Privacy
Windows 2000 Security: How To Lock Down Your Win2K Boxes Keith Nugent None Security
Ipv6 Security Brenno De Winter None Security IPv6
Ntfs Alternate Data Streams Hc None Security
Weakest Link Bryan Glancey None Security
Widdershins: De-Evolution And The Politics Of Technology Simple Nomad None Security
Bruce Schneier Answers Questions Bruce Schneier None Security
Distributed Intrusion Detection System Evasion Enrique Sanchez None Security Intrusion Detection
Meet The Fed Panel Jim Christy None Security Panel
See It! (H.264 Video) Hear It! (M4B Audio) William Tafoya None Security
Safeweb'S Triangle Boy: Ip Spoofing And Strong Encryption In Sservice Of A Free Internet. Stephen Hsu None Security
Renagade Wireless Networks, Creating Connectivity On Demand Lile Elam None Security Wireless
The Business Side Of Starting Your Own Consulting Firm And How They Can Succeed Dennis Salguero None Security Business
The Principals Of Cyber-Anarchy. Robert Graham None Security
So You Got Your Lame Ass Sued: A Legal Narrative The Defendant None Security Legal
Nat For Newbies And Not-So-Newbies: A Tutorial Barry J. Stiefel None Security
Digital Millenium Copyright Act Dario D. Diaz , Esq. None Security Legal
An Open Source, International, Attenuated Computer Virus Dr. Cyrus Peikari None Security Malware
Faq The Newbies: Information For People New To Security, Hacking Or Defcon Shatter None Security
What Is Ssl, A Ca, And Freecert? Len Sassaman Security
European Cybercrime Treaty Jennifer Granick None Security
Havenco: One Year Later Ryan Lackey None Security
Laurentian University Hacker Study Update John L. Dodge , Bernadette H. Schell None Security
Security &Amp; Privacy Are Critically Important Issues In Todays Digitally Connected Age. Sharad None Security Privacy
The Impact Of P2P On Security In The Enterprise Dan Moniz None Security
Os/X And Macintosh Security Freaky None Security