Security B-Sides CapeTown 2011 Dec. 3, 2011 to Dec. 3, 2011, Cape Town, South Africa

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Opening & Welcome Pieter Blaauw N/A Security
Keynote #1 Sun Tzu & the Honeypot Barry Irwin N/A Security
Keynote #2 SAP protocol goodness Ian De Villiers N/A Security
Secure CMS Dash Shendy N/A Security
Hashing Fun Jeremy de Bruyn N/A Security
Using DNS as Anti-virus Etienne Staalmans N/A Security
Social Engineering for Airtime Pieter Blaauw N/A Security
Legislation: Should we give a shit? Bevan Lane , David Jackson N/A Security
Lightning talks Sam , Rosh , Hein N/A Security