ACNS 2011 June 7, 2011 to June 10, 2011, Spain

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Inferring Protocol State Machine from Network Traces: A Probabilistic Approach. Yipeng Wang , Zhibin Zhang , Danfeng Yao , Buyun Qu , Li Guo N/A
A Specification Based Intrusion Detection Framework for Mobile Phones. Sencun Zhu , Ashwin Chaugule , Zhi Xu N/A
Misuse Detection in Consent-based Networks. Mansoor Alicherry , Angelos Keromytis N/A
Cold Boot Key Recovery by Solving Polynomial Systems with Noise. Martin Albrecht , Carlos Cid N/A
Exponent Blinding Does not Always Lift (Partial) SPA Resistance to Higher-Level Security. Werner Schindler , Kouichi Itoh N/A
Practical Cryptanalysis of the Atmel Cipher in SecureMemory, CryptoMemory and CryptoRF. Alex Biryukov , Ilya Kizhvatov , Bin Zhang N/A
Cache Timing Analysis of RC4. Thomas Chardin , Pierre-alain Fouque , Delphine Leresteux N/A
Secure Efficient Multiparty Computing of Multivariate Polynomials and Applications. Dana Dachman-soled , Tal Malkin , Mariana Raykova , Moti Yung N/A
Private Discovery of Common Social Contacts. Emiliano de Cristofaro , Mark Manulis , Bertram Poettering N/A
Mind your nonces: cryptanalysis of a privacy-preserving distance bounding protocol. Jean-Philippe Aumasson , Aikaterini Mitrokotsa , Pedro Peris-lopez N/A
Secret Data Randomisation Secure Against Higher-Order Side Channel Analysis. Guillaume Fumaroli , Philippe Painchault , Sonia Belaid N/A
Preimage Attacks on 5-Pass HAVAL Reduced to 158-Steps and One-Block 3-Pass HAVAL. Yasuhide Sakai , Yu Sasaki , Lei Wang , Kazuo Ota , Kazuo Sakiyama N/A
Sanitizable Signatures in XML Signature-Performance, Mixing Properties, and Revisiting the Property of Transparency. Henrich christopher Phls , Kai Samelin , Joachim Posegga N/A
Double-Trapdoor Anonymous Tags for Traceable Signatures. Masayuki Abe , Sherman Chow , Kristiyan Haralambiev , Miyako Ohkubo N/A
Hierarchical Identity-Based Chameleon Hash and its Applications. Xuhua Ding , Feng Bao , Robert h. Deng , Junzuo Lai , Yunlei Zhao N/A
Invited Talk 1 Refik Molva N/A Security
Efficient Generic Constructions of Signcryption with Insider Security in the Multi-user Setting. Daiki Chiba , Jacob Schuldt , Takahiro Matsuda , Kanta Matsuura N/A
Quantitatively Analyzing Stealthy Communication Channels. Patrick Butler , Kui Xu , Danfeng Yao N/A
Fully Non-Interactive Onion Routing with Forward-Secrecy. Dario Catalano , Mario di Raimondo , Dario Fiore , Rosario Gennaro , Orazio Puglisi N/A
Generic Fully Simulatable Adaptive Oblivious Transfer. Kaoru Kurosawa , Ryo Nojima , Le trieu Phong N/A
Simple and Efficient Single Round Almost Perfectly Secure Message Transmission Tolerating Generalized Adversary. Kaoru Kurosawa , Ashish Choudhury , Arpita Patra N/A
Relaxed Security Notions for Signatures of Knowledge. Marc Fischlin , Cristina Onete N/A
Invited Talk 2 Ed Dawson N/A Security
LBlock: A Lightweight Block Cipher. Wenling Wu , Lei Zhang N/A
On Hiding a Plaintext Length by Preencryption. Cihangir Tezcan , Serge Vaudenay N/A
Fighting Pirates 2.0. Paolo D'Arco , Angel Pozo." N/A
Security Notions for Broadcast Encryption. Duong hieu Phan , David Pointcheval , Mario Strefler N/A
CardSpace-Shibboleth Integration for CardSpace Users. Haitham Al-sinani , Chris Mitchell N/A
Spam Detection Through Sliding Windowing of E-mail Headers. Francisco javier Salcedo-campos , Jess esteban Daz-verdejo , Pedro Garca-teodoro N/A
Secure Multi-Party Sorting and Applications. Kristjn valur Jnsson , Gunnar Kreitz , Misbah Uddin N/A
Towards User-Friendly Credential Transfer on Open Credential Platforms. Kari Kostiainen , N. Asokan , Alexandra Afanasyeva N/A
Non-transferable User Certification Secure Against Authority Information Leaks and Impersonation Attacks. Jacob Schuldt , Goichiro Hanaoka N/A
Composable Security Analysis of OS Services. Shai Halevi , Ran Canetti , Suresh Chari , Birgit Pfitzmann , Arnab Roy , Michael Steiner , Wietse Venema N/A
Practical attacks on the Maelstrom-0 compression function. Stefan Klbl , Florian Mendel N/A
Linear Analysis of Reduced-Round CubeHash. Tomer Ashur , Orr Dunkelman N/A
On the Indifferentiability of Fugue and Luffa. Rishiraj Bhattacharyya , Avradip Mandal N/A
Analysis of Message Injection in Stream Cipher-based Hash Functions. Yuto Nakano , Carlos Cid , Kazuhide Fukushima , Shinsaku Kiyomoto N/A
Secure Authenticated Comparisons. Keith b Frikken , Hao Yuan , Mikhail j. Atallah N/A
Public-Key Encryption with Delegated Search. Luan Ibraimi , Svetla Nikova , Pieter Hartel , Willem Jonker N/A
Comparing the Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm over GF(p) and GF(2m) on an Area-Optimized Custom Microprocessor. Erich Wenger N/A Security
Efficient Implementation of the EtaT Pairing on GPU. Yosuke Katoh , Yun-ju Huang , Chen-mou Cheng , Tsuyoshi Takagi N/A