Baythreat 2011 Dec. 9, 2011 to Dec. 9, 2011, San Francisco, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Why the Cloud Changes Everything Rand Wacker "Take a look around, you might be surprised who is running servers in the cloud; ... Security
Building DNS Firewalls with RPZ Paul A. Vixie A DNS Firewall can help you control what domain names, IP addresses, and name servers ... Security
AVM Inception: How we can use AVM instrumenting in a beneficial way Jeong wook Oh AVM Inception: How we can use AVM instrumenting in a beneficial way During the last ... Security
Zerging is for Chumps: The Rise of the Non-Volume Web Denial of Service Michael Smith From Anonymous\'s Operation Avenge Assange to organized crime running protection rackets to the BitCoin Miner ... Security
Making Measurable Gains - Contextualizing Secure in a Business Rafal Los What does secure mean? Many security professionals work in information security for a large portion ... Security
Show Me the Money: Why Security Still Isnt Taken Seriously By Business Gillis Jones As someone who actually performs hacking on a daily basis for companies like FICO and ... Security
Key Management Alistair Crooks This talk examines the keys and certificates that we use in everyday communication, with ssh, ... Security
Exploiting Management For Fun and Profit Adam Ely "We speak geek and the rest of the world hears Charlie Brown's teacher. Exploit management ... Security
Web App Crypto - A Study in Failure Travis H Seldom in cryptography do we have any unconditional proofs of the difficulty of defeating our ... Security
From Shaman To Scientist: A Use Case In Data Driven Security Ed Bellis N/A Security
Social Engineering PenTest - Using the Dreaded Telephone Mike Ridpath , Matias Brutti "What could possibly be worse than making a cold call? Socially engineering someone through a ...
Analyzing Social Networks for Security Data: A brief overview of my findings and thoughts on building your own toolkit Daniel Peck Obviously social networks are popular. This popularity (and explosive growth rate) coupled with the accessible ... Security
Doppleganger Domains Garrett Gee , Peter Kim Domain typosquatting is commonly used to spread malware to users whom accidentally misspell a legitimate ...
Security Outliers: Infosec Lessons from BUD/S Lite AKA One time, at SEAL Camp... Gal Shpantzer N/A Security
Ruby for Pentesters: BayThreat Edition Cory Scott "It has been said that the Ruby programming language is the hammer for most security ... Security
Apple iOS Application Attacks and Countermeasures Nitesh Dhanjani "Synopsis: It is clear that Apple's iOS operating system has taken the enterprise by storm. ... Security
(Junk) email of Doom: How the software your infosec & legal team requires you to run will give up your secret sauce. Alternate How I would have popped RSA and most of the Fortune 500. Jason Craig "Vendors sell (and organizations buy) crappy software. Some of these are security solutions. These can ... Security
Whitehat Vigilante: Cold Calls Sam Bowne Abstract:Outlaw hackers often dump lists of vulnerable websites on Pastebin and other public repositories. Many ... Security
Sharpening the Axe: How to Chop Down a Cloud Davi Ottenheimer My title is in reference to President Abraham Lincoln who was said to have once ... Security
Mobile Snitch Luiz 'effffn' Eduardo "Throughout the years, we got more people getting more (and multiple) mobile devices. A combination ... Security
Attacking the Human side of SCADA (an analysis of HMI Security) Billy Rios , Terry Mccorkle Human Machine Interface (HMI) are the user interfaces that take the complicated data returned by ...
A Million Mousetraps: Using Big Data and Little Loops to Build Better Defenses Allison Miller N/A Security
An Afternoon with Dave and Master Chief: Pentesting from Grunts to the Covenant Armada David Maynor N/A Security
Flash Flooding: The Prevalence of Flash Vulnerabilities on the Web Jason Calvert This presentation will discuss the prevalence of flash related vulnerabilities on the web today and ... Security
The Hidden XSS - Attacking Desktop and Mobile Applications Kyle Osborn Cross Site Scripting is most generally known as a website or browser vulnerability. But with ... Security
Putting Your Logs on a Diet Kevin Lawrence Cut the fat from your logs and make adjustments to maximize their impact without expensive ... Security
What Lurks Outside Your Door? Jennifer Mellone We have all heard about threats, but what do we actually see outside the firewall? ... Security