Security B-Sides Atlanta 2011 Nov. 4, 2011 to Nov. 4, 2011, Atlanta, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
KEYNOTE Andy Green N/A Security
Selling Security - Hackers are the next CSO's. Dave Kennedy N/A Security
Making your own Web Security P.A.S.T.A Tony Uv N/A Security
Security Consequences, Thinning the Herd Daniel Peck N/A Security
Hey, I can do that... Rick Hayes N/A Security
All day Lockpick challenges, training and discussions Fale N/A Security
Positivity: The Future of Infrastructure Security Mike Rothman N/A Security
Building your own Zombie Horde - Dynamic Web Scanning at Massive Scale Erik Peterson N/A Security
Security Onion: Network Security Monitoring in Minutes Doug Burks N/A Security
Low to Pwned Chris Gates N/A Security
Build Secure iOS Applications Jeremy Allen N/A Security
A Small Business No Budget Implementation of the SANS 20 Security Controls Russell Eubanks N/A Security
The Business Doesnt Care, and its Your Fault Rafal Los N/A Security
How To Not Build Android Apps Jack Mannino N/A Security
Hacking the CDLC Martin Fisher N/A Security
Finance for Hackers or How to get all the budget you deserve Nick Owen N/A Security
(Un)Common tools every tester should have Ryan Jones N/A Security
Tracking Data Provenance to prevent Data Breaches Anirudh Ramachandran N/A Security
Uncomfortable Silence: For the Lulls (A Practical Guide to Speaking at Cons) Taylor Banks N/A Security