Security B-Sides DFW 2011 Nov. 5, 2011 to Nov. 5, 2011, Dallas, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Weaponizing the Smartphone: Deploying the Perfect WMD Nicholas Donarski N/A Security
Fundamental Flaws in Security Thinking Martin Mckeay N/A Security
You've Been Schwimmed & your Hot Tub Haxzorcizing Michael Gough N/A Security
Penetration through a Teensy Hole Human Interface Device Attack Vectors Wardell Motley N/A Security
Are There Vulnerabilities Around Your Firewall? Hell Yes, but Don't Blame the Firewall!! Tim Woods N/A Security
Tsukuri: Fitting Exploits Andrew Wilson N/A Security
Attack & Defend: Anatomy of an Advanced Attack, & How to Defend Branden R. Williams N/A Security
Operating System Security for Specific Purpose Devices Gabriel negreira Barbosa N/A Security
Investigating Coordinated Data Exfiltration Andrew Case N/A Security
Automating Forensic Registy Analysis w/Registry Decoder Lodovico Marziale N/A Security
Secure SDLC in the Real World: Pitfalls Discovered & Treasures Collected Along the Way Philip Beyer N/A Security
Steal Everything, Kill Everyone, Cause Total Financial Ruin! (Or How I Walked In And Misbehaved) Jayson E. Street N/A Security
The BIG ONE!!! How will you react? no really, how ill you and management react and what will everyone do? Michael Gough N/A Security
Pen Testing People: Social Engineering Integration Ryan O'Horo N/A Security
Introduction to Lockpicking Doug Farre N/A Security
If - Then: The Logic of Analysis Mike Sconzo N/A Security
Data Breach Notification Laws - Time for a Pimp Slap Steve Werby N/A Security
Couch to CISO: A Security Leader's First 100 Days & Beyond Philip Beyer N/A Security
The Branden Williams School for Techies Who Can't Write Good (and Want to do Other Stuff Good Too) Branden R. Williams N/A Security