Security B-Sides San Francisco 2012 Feb. 27, 2012 to Feb. 28, 2012, San Francisco, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Playing to Win Designing Protection Based on Mob Rules Matt Stern N/A Security
Metasploit for penetration testing Georgia Weidman N/A Security
Automating Security for the Cloud: Why we all need to care Rand Wacker N/A Security
No Guts, No Glory - Securing Your Network Military Style Matt Summers N/A Security
We are Handling Security the Wrong Way Brett Hardin N/A Security
Mapping the Penetration Tester's Mind: 0 to Root in 60 min Kizz Myanthia N/A Security
Hacking the Bank: Figuring out what the cost of hacks may be. Gillis Jones N/A Security
So you want to be the CSO... Daniel Blander N/A Security
Ask the EFF Eff N/A Security
Building your own Zombie Horde - Dynamic Web Scanning at Massive Scale Erik Peterson N/A Security
Metrics That Dont Suck: A New Way To Measure Security Effectiveness Dr. mike Lloyd N/A Security
40 Hours and a Tool Hart Rossman N/A Security
How NOT To Do Security: Lessons Learned From The Galactic Empire Kellman Meghu N/A Security
Cracking the Encrypted C&C Protocol of a New p2p Botnet Kevin Mcnamee N/A Security
2012: The End of Security Stupidity Amit Yoran , Kevin Mandia , Ron Cloutier N/A
Across the Desk: Different Perspectives on InfoSec Hiring and Interviewing Lee Zeltser N/A Security
Fundamental Flaws in Security Thinking Martin Mckeay N/A Security
Identity in the Open Web Yvan Boily N/A Security
Serious Threat or FUD Machine? The Mobile Security Debate Dan Hoffman N/A Security
Money$ec Evolved Jared Keefer N/A Security
Your IR Team: More than Firemen and Maids Wade Porter N/A Security
Yet Another Type of Application Layer Denial of Service Attack that Should Be Taken Care of Sergey Shekyan N/A Security
I can read your mind... Amol Sarwate N/A Security
SCADA Security: Why is it so hard? Will Tarkington N/A Security