hashdays 2011 Oct. 26, 2011 to Oct. 29, 2011, Lucerne, Switzerland

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
Cybercrime in nowadays businesses: A real case study of targeted attack Frdric Bourla "The time where information threats were mostly limited to blind attacks of random targets has ... Security
Grand Theft Trojans Rbert Lipovsk The presentation focuses on a selection of trojans used in attacks on online banking systems ... Security
PTES: How to fix the industry Panel Penetration testing has been an essential part of the security industry for as long as ... Security
Protecting Databases with Trees Christian Bockermann Though publicly known for a long time, SQL injection attacks do not yet seem to ... Security
Fear, uncertainty and banking credentials Adrian Wiesmann Credentials for authentication on and authorisation in online banking systems are a hot topic as ... Security
Making Sense of (in)Security David Kennedy "Security is one of those things that is heavily regulated, highly political, and often made ... Security
Pentesting from LOW to PWNED" Chris Gates Ahhhhh the standard penetration test where I fire up vulnerability scanner X, cross reference it ... Security
Reversing Android Apps - Hacking and cracking Android apps is easy Tobias Ospelt This talk shows the possibilities of reversing Android applications. After an introduction about Android issues ... Security
Pentesting iPhone & iPad Applications Annika Meyer , Sebastien Andrivet Mobile devices are becoming more and more the new navigator. It is also the comeback ...
Cryptanalysis vs. Reality Jean-Philippe Aumasson Cryptanalysts publish a tremendous number of research articles presenting attacks on ciphers, hash functions, or ... Security
Pwning intranets with HTML5 Juan galiana Lara , Javier Prado Modern browsers ship with HTML5 support built-in and enabled by default, it has a set ...
Such a weird processor - messing with x86 opcodes (and PE files too...) Ange ( ange4771 ) Albertini "Whether it's for malware analysis, vulnerability research or emulation, having a correct disassembly of a ... Security
Sniping Slowloris - Taking out DDoS attackers with minimal harm to your users Christian Folini "Request delaying attacks like slowloris or RUDY made it clear that killing a webserver via ... Security
Compliance: An Assault on Reason Chris Nickerson You have done ISO/ PCI/ HIPAA /SOX/FISMA <insert EU Compliance Audits>, 10 Pentests, 20 Vulnerability ... Security
Targeted Industrial Control System Attacks - Lessons from Stuxnet Felix ( FX ) Lindner "The talk will show you the techical details of Stuxnet in their full glory and ... Security
Pushing in, and pulling out slowly without anyone paying attention Iftach Ian Amit The subtle art of penetration and exfiltration The industry is saturated with penetration testing experience ... Security
Keynote Mikko Hypponen N/A Security
Social Engineering Like In The Movies ?The reality of awareness and manipulation Dale Pearson When talking about some of the essential skills of a successful social engineer we regularly ... Security
Code Plagiarism - Technical Detection and Legal Prosecution Marc Ruef , Luca dal Molin The talk is discussing the basic problem of code theft and violation of licenses. As ...
Encryption and Data Ownership in Cloud Computing Timothy ( Thor ) Mullen This session will discuss deep technical aspects of encryption in cloud environments as well as ... Security
Lockpicking 101 Walter Belgers "Lockpicking has become very popular since information can be easily shared on the internet and ... Security
Hacking Printers: 10 years of public research and lessons learned Andrei Costin "While more and more new devices (routers, smartphones, etc.) are getting connected to our SOHO/enterprise ... Security
SAP (in)security: Scrubbing SAP clean with SOAP Chris john Riley At the heart of any large enterprise, lies a platform misunderstood and feared by all ... Security