SkyDogCon 2011 Nov. 4, 2011 to Nov. 6, 2011, USA

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Title Speakers Summary Topic Types
The Neurobiology of Decision Making Curtis Koenig N/A Security
Corporate Evil Chris Anderson N/A Security
Making of the SkyDogCon Electronic Badge Rious N/A Security
More PHUKED than ever Irongeek N/A Security
Counter Espionage Strategy and Tactics Nick Levay N/A Security
Knock, Knock. Hey, You're Owned. Victor Rodriquez , Scott Augenbaum N/A
Windows Command Line Forensics Karlo Arozquerta N/A Security
How DOCSIS Networks Work Slimjim100 N/A Security
Brewing Coffee the Soft Brew Way Robert Jason , Brent Baldwin N/A
Hackerspace Technology 101 Sonny mounicou - N/A Security
Hook, Line and Syncer: A Liar for Hire's Ultimate Tackle Box Pat Mccoy , Mike Mcgilvray N/A
Information gathering and social media attacks to gain physical and electronic access to companies James Ruffer N/A Security
Avoiding the Landmines in Your Own Backyard Bart Hopper N/A Security
I Was Arrested For a SHA 1 Hash Scott Moulton N/A Security
Hacking the Law Tyler Pitchford N/A Security